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Accelerate Digital Transformation by Reinventing Testing

Continuous testing services for accelerating digital transformation
Continuous Testing|Digital Testing

Posted on : 7:41 pm on 13/08/2018

It is evident that digital transformation is reinventing business practices. In this digitally-driven era, technological capabilities are continuously improving, and in order to sustain, organizations MUST be innovative and agile as they integrate digital technologies into their business practices. Having a digital transformation strategy in place has become a necessity in order to stay competitive in any market. The evolution from normal business to digital is no easy task as the digital world is changing rapidly and unpredictably. Keeping up the pace can present challenges and leave many uncertain of how to continue. This is where the need for re-inventing

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How DevOps and Continuous Testing will Impact 2018

Impact of DevOps and Continuous Testing in 2018
Continuous Testing|DevOps QA|Digital Testing

Posted on : 1:59 pm on 15/01/2018

Businesses nowadays have not just exposed most of their internal applications to the customer, but have also developed additional software that outspreads and complements those applications. Software failures have severe business consequences, which is why application-related risks have become evident constituents of a business’ public financial filing. As a result, enterprises are embracing comprehensive software testing techniques for their applications. How Did 2017 Embrace Change? In 2017, we saw remarkable growth in adoption of agile methodologies such as ATDD and BDD. Besides this, organizations have left legacy tools behind, supporting faster and agile-ready testing. This move emulates the need to

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Continuous Testing: Because DevOps and Impatient Customers matter

Continuous testing in an agile and DevOps world
Agile Testing|Continuous Testing|DevOps QA|Regression Testing

Posted on : 7:14 pm on 11/09/2017

In a world where everyone is running at a breakneck speed, the slow-motion era of conventional testing will just not hold ground, any more. Step into the power of Continuous Testing and be a sharp enterprise. Before we knew it, the rise of an app-economy, fierce consumerization of technology, the arrival of digital natives and penetration of new technological marvels in everyday lives have strongly changed the way products and services are expected, consumed and forgotten. It’s a strange new-world where a company must be digitally-nimble and be there for a customer – every time and at any time. Now

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LeanFT: A Perfect Solution Built for Continuous Testing

LeanFT- solution for continuous testing
Continuous Testing

Posted on : 7:16 pm on 19/06/2017

Enterprises these days are facing challenges with rapidly changing market dynamics, increased customer expectations, and frequent technology upgrades. These changes have compelled more and more enterprises to move towards agile lifecycle model. Agile is an iterative approach to software delivery where software is built incrementally in multiple cycles rather than trying to deliver it all at once in the end. There are multiple tools available in the market to make the adoption of agile easier. ‘HP LeanFT’ is one such tool that helps in achieving this goal. LeanFT is the most recent functional testing solution for continuous testing and continuous

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How Continuous Testing Eliminates Top 5 Challenges Faced by ISV’s

Business Challenges Faced By ISV’s, Continuous testing and quality
Continuous Testing|DevOps QA

Posted on : 8:21 pm on 05/06/2017

Changes have been continuously shaking markets as Independent Software Vendors (ISV’s) of all sizes are competing to sustain with how customers consume the applications. There is fierce competition and delivering a superior product ahead of the competition is the only way to stay relevant in the market. Any new release of the product must have flawless functionality, fast performance, great customer experience and reliable security. In this scenario, application testing is a crucial phase of the development lifecycle. End to end testing of the application helps the organization enhance customer loyalty, builds brand’s visibility, and boosts profitability. Due to the

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Why is Continuous Testing the Key to Redefining DevOps

Continuous Testing with DevOps,
Continuous Testing|DevOps QA

Posted on : 8:17 pm on 02/05/2017

The introduction of Agile and DevOps methodology has accelerated the development and testing process from days to hours or minutes, giving birth to continuous testing. Continuous testing refers to the exercise of beginning the testing process alongside with development, and shortening the test cycles, to focus on prevention of problem instead of just detection. To succeed in continuous testing, it is important to maximize automation of testing activities in the process. DevOps, being an extension of agile development methodology, helps in laying stress on communication, collaboration, and integration among various stakeholders in the process, i.e. QA, development, and operations. Continuous

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Dissipating the Delusions around Continuous Testing [INFOGRAPHIC]

continuous testing myths
Agile Testing|Continuous Testing|DevOps QA|Infographic

Posted on : 7:52 pm on 24/04/2017

The changing roles of testers and developers and the need for a cultural shift adoption of Agile and DevOps practices are impacting all teams in the software development lifecycle (SDLC), including QA & testing. In this changing and challenging phase, every organization is scouting for innovative, yet proven ways of working that will help their teams work in a seamless manner. Continuous Testing, being the popular and the most reliable method has proved to play a key in addressing these new challenges and produce the most reliable product. Continuous testing involves implementing automated tests as part of effective software delivery

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Can Continuous Testing Ensure Continuous Quality

Continuous Testing and Continuous Quality
Continuous Testing|DevOps QA

Posted on : 5:59 pm on 17/04/2017

The infotainment and the entertainment industry has experienced extraordinary changes over the past. Television, which was considered to be an ‘idiot box’ has now been replaced by smart televisions having numerous prodigious features. With the arrival of online channels, the entertainment industry has been progressively reintroducing itself by providing features such as a movie on demand. These days, you do not have to wait for a movie to come on TV, you can place an order, and the movie will be available to you in seconds. Likewise, LIVE streaming of a cricket match on your smart device has become the

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4 Best Practices of Continuous Testing You Must know

Continuous Testing Blog
Continuous Testing

Posted on : 5:28 pm on 11/04/2017

An organization may adopt modern and competent processes and tools, but they cannot fetch any value without the willingness of people to acclimatize themselves to execute these processes and usage of tools. The limitations of tester and developer roles become indistinct in Agile and DevOps methodologies. These days a tester might have to configure deployments, and a developer might require configuring the automation test cases, and add them to the QA repository. Working together and taking complete responsibility for the delivery and quality of the software is a necessity these days. This cultural shift can be attained by boosting collaboration

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Continuous Testing: Missing Link for Continuous Delivery

Blog: Continuous Testing: Missing Link for Continuous Delivery
Continuous Testing

Posted on : 1:41 pm on 03/04/2017

The initiation of DevOps infrastructure and agile development process has accelerated development build-test-deploy cycle from days to hours to minutes. This process has given birth to continuous testing and validation. Continuous testing refers to the exercise of beginning testing alongside development, shortening test cycles, to emphasize more on prevention of the problem instead of detection. In order to achieve continuous testing, it is essential to automate every small activity in the process. Continuous testing typically means that you do not need to compromise. You can automate your testing and integrate it into building the process as soon as possible. Extensive

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