Published: 17 Apr 2017

Can Continuous Testing Ensure Continuous Quality

Last Updated: 26 Feb 2024

The infotainment and the entertainment industry has experienced extraordinary changes over the past. Television, which was considered to be an ‘idiot box’ has now been replaced by smart televisions having numerous prodigious features.


1. Role of Continuous Testing
2. Continuous Testing Objectives
3. Continuous Testing Ensuring Continuous Quality
4. How TestingXperts can help you achieve continuous quality
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With the arrival of online channels, the entertainment industry has been progressively reintroducing itself by providing features such as a movie on demand. These days, you do not have to wait for a movie to come on TV, you can place an order, and the movie will be available to you in seconds. Likewise, the LIVE streaming of a cricket match on your smart device has become a new-age innovation. You carry the world in your smart device!

Role of Continuous Testing

These digital innovations require a seamless experience. However, do we know the real reason behind these digital innovations, and how to deliver a seamless experience every time? Pioneering software testing approaches such as DevOps, Agile, and Shift-Right have been ruling the software development cycle and forming a great impact. The intense emphasis on continuous testing and continuous delivery has made organizations move towards it, to deliver software that accurately reflects the end-user need.

In this challenging and changing phase, it is important for every enterprise to showcase quality in their offerings and deliver vigorous applications. This indicates that the key to effective delivery is performance, which comes with continuous software testing. Testing has become an end-to-end, cross-functional operation, collaboratively involving all teams throughout the product lifecycle. Continuous testing applies methods and concepts of agile development to the testing and QA process, resulting in greater efficiency.

Continuous Testing Objectives:

• Flawless delivery

• Faster time to market

• Assured efficiency

• A holistic view of the application quality

While there are several testing tools available in the market, it is imperative to understand the relevance of these tools for your business. Continuous testing is a process where automation is the critical factor – establishing an  end-to-end automation testing solution that’s integrated with existing continuous integration and continuous delivery processes.

Continuous Testing Ensuring Continuous Quality

Continuous testing helps ensure that quality is built in from the requirements while validating each component at the development level before it enters the system. Meanwhile, iterative QA starts from day one. Defects and uncertainty of changing user needs can be resolved as they emerge, avoiding late rework and damage to the ultimate user experience. Design, test, and development assets are all built on users’ desired functionality and are maintained consistently as this changes. Meanwhile, the software is accurately deployed, resulting in better-quality software delivered earlier and at less cost.

Continuous Testing Best Practices

How TestingXperts can help you achieve continuous quality

DevOps is an integral part of delivering efficient software. To reach the continuous delivery stage with continuous quality, enterprises need to do more than just adopt some DevOps tools. Enterprises need to reinvent their old school practices supporting traditional methodologies.

TestingXperts, as a frontrunner in adopting agile methodologies and DevOps practices, can help you automate your tests, achieve timely delivery schedules, and strengthen your agile process. Know more about our Agile and DevOps methodologies and allow us to help you deliver your software applications faster and better.

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