Keyword-driven testing: Why you should use it?

Keyword Driven testing & QA Services
Keyword-driven Testing|Software Testing

Posted on : 27/11/2018

Every software company tests its software or application before releasing it to the end users. Testing for defects is very crucial for a product’s success. This is one such activity that validates a software or application’s performance, functionality, quality and other important aspects of it. But, as the code base and functionalities added to software/application increase, manual testing alone may become a laborious and time-consuming activity. This is where companies have switched to Test Automation, to improve the efficiency of their product and save time. Automation testing has come a long way in the past few years. Many software companies

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How AI Can Be Leveraged In All Aspects Of Testing

Artificial intelligence In Software Testing
Artificial Intelligence

Posted on : 12/11/2018

QA has become a critical enabler for businesses that are in the digital space. To achieve digital transformation businesses should embrace the latest technologies in their software development process and build a strong data engineering foundation to fuel innovation. In this article, let’s look at how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be leveraged in various aspects of Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Engineering (QE), to increase speed in software development and ultimately help businesses achieve digital transformation. According to the latest World Quality Report 2018-19 AI is going to be among the biggest trends in QA & testing for the next

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5 Key Aspects to Consider Before Outsourcing QA and Software Testing

Outsourcing QA and Software Testing Services
Software Testing

Posted on : 05/11/2018

Digital transformation and continuous shift to agile and DevOps management models are transforming how QA and testing are carried out. Digitization of businesses has augmented focus on software testing within the SDLC, and this dependency has increased the costs of testing, infrastructure, and skill sets that are needed to implement them. This is the main reason for the increasing demand to outsource software testing. The customers require strategy, best practices, expertise, infrastructure and resources to bring efficiency in the software testing methodology. Let us have a look at some crucial aspects to consider before outsource software testing. 1. Expertise While

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Why Accessibility Testing is Important

Why Accessibility Testing is Important
Accessibility Testing

Posted on : 22/10/2018

Technology is changing the way we live, but it needs to change how we access it, especially in the digital age that provides innovation and new opportunities to everyone who consumes it. It requires a lot of effort in creating a technology that can be used by ‘everyone’. For instance, if a product is released in the market, it is important that the product is used by every individual, even those with special needs. If a technology empowers people who are underpowered or with special needs, it can inspire their lives in many ways they never imagined. This is where

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