Performance Testing – A Complete Guide

software performance testing guide 2019
Performance Testing

Posted on : 18/06/2019

An Understanding of Performance Testing Performance testing is a non-functional type of testing and involves the process by which software or an application is tested to know its current system performance. It checks how your current system performs in terms of responsiveness and stability when tested under varying workload conditions. Effectively, the system is tested under multiple and different load and network conditions and it scrupulously checks the time taken by the system to respond under these loads This testing process primarily determines the speed with which the system works and it involves tests that are performed within a lab

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Why API testing is critical for today’s Business applications?

API testing|Why it is critical for business
API Testing

Posted on : 10/06/2019

In today’s competitive world, businesses should understand the fact that only the best applications thrive well and continue to attract a lot of traffic. This prevalent concept has made software application development and software product development vital for all businesses across industries. The Application Program Interface (API) is a set of processes, protocols, routines and tools for building these critical software applications. It is rather an interface that allows software applications to communicate with one another and is mainly used while programming the graphical user interface (GUI) components. There is a lot of significance as an API specifies how its

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4 Key benefits of Scriptless Automation you should know

Benefits of scriptless test automation
Infographic|Scriptless test automation

Posted on : 30/05/2019

Scriptless test automation is one of the solutions to maximize the scalability of test automation. It enables the testers and business users to automate test cases without worrying about the coding. It helps to achieve faster results and reduces the time expended to understand the code. Explore its benefits

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Digital Testing: The Next Frontier of Mobile Testing

Digital Testing services| the next frontier of mobile testing
Digital Testing|Mobile Testing

Posted on : 20/05/2019

Folding the pages of some recent headlines throws an interesting pattern. Netflix is fiddling with mobile-only plans for countries like India and leaning heavily towards local content, while, Amazon is testing video ads for expanding product reach and mobile search on the Apple iOS version of its shopping app (with the possibility of getting into Google’s Android mobile operating system space soon). This is not a recent move. Even when it reaped a considerable chunk of brands shifting to Amazon for search budgets and for advertising-on-the-site, Amazon embraced a change that was risky but worth betting upon. This ‘mobility’ move

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