Security Threats Are Haunting the E-commerce Industry. How Can Security Testing Help

Automated Security testing companies for ecommerce industry
Security Testing

Posted on : 20/08/2018

Cybersecurity has become one of the crucial features of the e-commerce industry. Without maintaining proper security practices, online merchants put themselves and their customers at high risk for payment fraud. Smaller companies have a higher risk of security scams due to inadequate internet security from cybercrimes. According to recent reports, one in five small business retailers falls prey to credit card fraud every year. Not just hacking, but accepting fraudulent payment has also become a huge risk for all e-commerce companies. These security issues not only cause financial consequences but also hamper a brand’s reputation. Especially at the time of

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Accelerate Digital Transformation by Reinventing Testing

Continuous testing services for accelerating digital transformation
Continuous Testing|Digital Testing

Posted on : 13/08/2018

It is evident that digital transformation is reinventing business practices. In this digitally-driven era, technological capabilities are continuously improving, and in order to sustain, organizations MUST be innovative and agile as they integrate digital technologies into their business practices. Having a digital transformation strategy in place has become a necessity in order to stay competitive in any market. The evolution from normal business to digital is no easy task as the digital world is changing rapidly and unpredictably. Keeping up the pace can present challenges and leave many uncertain of how to continue. This is where the need for re-inventing

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Infographic | Black Friday Is Approaching. Are You Prepared?

Black Friday Testing
Black Friday Testing|Infographic

Posted on : 08/08/2018

Summer seems to be ending very quickly and the big sale days are fast approaching. Are you sure your website can handle an unanticipated load? Sometimes, the application is not able to withstand the sudden influx of users and before you know it, either the website servers are down, or the payment gateway crashes. This negligence can end up having an adverse impact on the brand. There are many renowned e-commerce companies that have faced this distress and have had a major setback during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Taking into consideration the previous years’ statistics, performance testing has

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA): A Revolution in the Software Testing Industry

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with TestingXperts
Automation Testing

Posted on : 06/08/2018

Automation has tremendously changed the face of the IT industry and is playing an imperative role in every industry these days. Automation has reduced the mundane human work, the labor cost and has increased reliability and throughput by enhancing the process quality. New and emerging technologies, such as Artificial intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and machine learning are revolutionizing all industries. Some implementations like self-driving cars are set to change the digital world. Advances in software and AI world are paving the way for Robotic Process Automation (RPA). It is the most recent technology which has

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