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How Penetration Testing Could Help Reduce The GDPR Impact On Tech Companies

Security penetration testing services & GDPR
GDPR Compliance Testing|Security Testing

Posted on : 7:07 pm on 15/10/2018

Online data privacy has always been a concern for many organizations, governments and web users. Users are demanding the transparency on the usage of their personal data by organizations that store and process it, especially after seeing an increased rate of data breaches in the recent past. Recently, Google has announced to shut down the consumer version of Google+ after falling prey to a Data Breach. The security of information in Google+ was compromised, which led Google to shut down its service. Read the full news here. If the world’s most trusted technology giant like Google can fall prey to

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Security Threats Are Haunting the E-commerce Industry. How Can Security Testing Help

Automated Security testing companies for ecommerce industry
Security Testing

Posted on : 9:14 pm on 20/08/2018

Cybersecurity has become one of the crucial features of the e-commerce industry. Without maintaining proper security practices, online merchants put themselves and their customers at high risk for payment fraud. Smaller companies have a higher risk of security scams due to inadequate internet security from cybercrimes. According to recent reports, one in five small business retailers falls prey to credit card fraud every year. Not just hacking, but accepting fraudulent payment has also become a huge risk for all e-commerce companies. These security issues not only cause financial consequences but also hamper a brand’s reputation. Especially at the time of

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Why Pen-Testing-as-a-Service Makes Sense

Penetration Testing Services Provider Company
Security Testing

Posted on : 7:06 pm on 23/07/2018

Security vulnerabilities are a reality faced by the digital world at a rapid speed. Given this reality, penetration testing (also known as Pen-Testing) has become a critical method for protecting systems and applications from security vulnerabilities. Pen-test assesses the security posture and discovers possible defects that could allow malicious individuals/organizations to compromise the security’s main pillars, i.e. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability. The goal of this exercise is to uncover vulnerabilities in a target system so the team of developers can take action to correct them. Talking about pen-testers, they act as real attackers, attempting to compromise the system to learn

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Shift-Left Security: Assuring Security Early in the Delivery Pipeline

Shifting Left With Security Testing Services
Security Testing

Posted on : 8:25 pm on 02/07/2018

The advent of DevOps has made the concept of “shift-left” familiar to the software development and testing industry. However, the effectiveness of the shift left concept is not just limited to QA. Security teams can also benefit greatly from shifting security operations to the left. What is shift left? Before penetrating into the details of shift-left security, let’s discover the shift-left concept and identify its importance. Shift-left is a simple term for a complex task. Simply put, shifting left is positioning a process that is performed later in the development cycle to a point early in the delivery lifecycle. The

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5 Reasons why investing in penetration testing is important- Infographic

Infographics - Reasons You Need Security Penetration Testing Services
Infographic|Security Testing

Posted on : 8:21 pm on 10/05/2018

A pen test is generally performed to find vulnerabilities and fix them before an attacker does. Sometimes, the IT department is aware of the reported vulnerabilities but still needs an external expert to officially report them so that the management is sure of the vulnerabilities and can fix them properly. Having a second set of eyes to corroborate all the vulnerabilities is always a good security practice. Let’s find out the reasons why performing pen-testing is important.  

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IoT Testing: A Connected Approach for Applications

IOT QA Testing Services-Connected approach for apps
Internet of things|IOT|IoT Testing|Performance Testing|Security Testing

Posted on : 1:44 pm on 19/02/2018

Internet of Things (IoT) is taking over the world both in the idea as well as practice by transforming the way industries are working together. IoT has initiated the quicker advancement of ideas that affect our everyday activities. It has also helped in accelerating the technical world’s proficiency to make digital ecosystems of the future an existing reality. It has become a reality that the world is ready to consider and leverage for better results. Its acceptance can be accredited to many of its core features such as: • Increase of various protocols • Proficient Machine to Machine communication •

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GDPR Compliance: Are You Ready

GDPR Compliance and QA Testing Services
GDPR Compliance Testing|Security Testing|Tx Secure

Posted on : 5:00 pm on 13/02/2018

Cybersecurity and Data Protection have become the most talked about issues of recent times. Protecting internal and private data is a concern for every country and organization. Every country or region is coming up with its own Data Protection Act to protect their data from cyber-attacks and other probing vulnerabilities. Likewise, On April 14, 2016, the European Union parliament approved the General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as GDPR. The law will be enforced from May 25, 2018. GDPR will be directly applicable in each EU Member State. After May 2018, organizations processing personal data will be held more responsible

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Oldest Canadian Telecom Company Experienced Another Data Breach. Is your Data Secure?

Preventing Cyber-Security Breaches via Security testing services
Security Testing

Posted on : 8:45 pm on 29/01/2018

Bell Canada shocked the world by experiencing second hack in just eight months. Hacker stole data from up to 100,000 Bell Canada customers, leaving customers under enormous stress. Bell is Canada’s one of the largest and oldest telecom company, with over 22 million customers. This breach happened twice in eight months, prompting an RCMP investigation into the breach at Canada’s largest telecommunications company. BCE Inc. confirmed on Tuesday, i.e., January 23, 2018, that hackers got hold of ‘fewer than 100,000′ customers’ information, including names and email addresses. This followed a hack in May 2017 when 1.9 million email addresses and

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5 Nerve-wracking Challenges Faced While Testing an Online Banking Application

Challenges Faced While Testing a Banking and Finance Application
Automation Testing|Security Testing|Testing for Banking

Posted on : 1:00 pm on 22/01/2018

The banking domain has become multifarious with ever-changing and cutting-edge technology. With complex functionalities tangled into the banking applications, it is considered to be most advanced and complicated enterprise solution. The day-to-day transactions made via banking applications call for high scalability, reliability, and precision in terms of data. Therefore, it is imperative to test such applications under various set-ups. An adept test strategy for banking applications should comprise of Mobile, Cloud, Internet, and various other features linked to a banking application. As a various number of banking transactions happen each day, these applications need to deliver a high performance that

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5 Reasons Why Penetration Testing is Important

Need for Penetration Security Testing Services
Agile Testing|Automation Testing|Penetration Testing|Security Testing|Software Testing

Posted on : 8:31 pm on 20/11/2017

Cybersecurity has become the prime concern for every service organization these days. Organizations, unacquainted with the cyber-attacks and the harm it can cause to the systems are falling prey to these attacks. Therefore, the most appropriate way to secure the organization is to focus on comprehensive security testing techniques. The effective testing approach to assess the current security posture of the system is known as penetration testing also known as ‘Pen-Testing’. What is Pen-Testing Pen-testing aims to identify vulnerabilities and risks in the system which may impact the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data by emulating a real attack.

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