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Published: 12 Jul 2017

Significance of Application Security Testing in Preventing Cyber-Attacks

Last Updated: 15 Feb 2024

Application Security has become an indispensable part of the software industry, as hackers are leaving no stone unturned in exploiting the vulnerabilities in the applications through advanced techniques and methods. With most enterprises going full stream on preventing any cyber-attack on their applications, there has been a transformation in the security landscape.

Contents 1. Cyber Attacks and Role of Security Testing 2. Leverage Application Security Testing Services 3. TestingXperts Point of View


Cyber Attacks and Role of Security Testing


The increasing number of cyber-attacks at the application level has been pushing organizations to comply with several regulatory mandates.

One such cyber-attack named ‘Petya Ransomware Attack’ recently hit the cyber walls of companies spanning Europe, the Middle East, and the United States. Petya is being publicized as more deadly compared to the last ransomware ‘WannaCry’.

With Petya, victims were unable to unlock their computers despite paying the ransom. The Petya attack has impacted various services, and industries and Ukraine has turned out to be the epicenter of this attack. This deadly attack has impacted companies across all sectors such as pharmaceuticals, shipping, hospitals, law firms and many more. This is termed as the most distressing attack in the recent times.

Viruses and bugs attacking the digital space are getting stronger; intensifying the need for an extensive security strategy. Companies and individuals today are in dire need to build software/applications that are thoroughly tested for their security features and are, at the same time, competent enough to alert the users against any possible cyber-attack.

Such disruptive attacks emphasize on adopting a comprehensive Application Security Testing strategy and ensuring resistance against these nasty attacks.


Leverage Application Security Testing Services


Application security testing helps enterprises to find out security vulnerabilities through an extensive range of tests that not just discover vulnerabilities but also evaluates the overall security posture of the applications.

As the impact of security issue is getting higher, it is essential to involve testing right from the early stages of the lifecycle.

There are several tools that have the capacity to evaluate codes and runtime interfaces for exploitable vulnerabilities. Developers frequently think or claim that they are only responsible for the functionality of applications, while security is by default expected out of QA and testing teams. However, it should be realized that quality is an enterprise-wide effort and not a single person or group’s responsibility.

Forms of Cyber-Attacks


TestingXperts Point of View


Enterprises should be completely prepared to face threats from hackers. Most security vulnerabilities are often a result of negligence and slip ups. A blend of right skill sets and correct use of security testing automation framework and tools to tone down the risk of internal and external attacks and this is what is needed to weigh down the cyber-attacks. A comprehensive security testing approach should be implemented across the entire application lifecycle helping in evaluating several supporting elements such as databases, network, and operating systems.

TestingXperts’ rich expertise in Security Testing, caters to diversified business needs. With over a decade of experience, TestingXperts has become a trusted partner to more than 250 companies, providing testing services across industry verticals and organization sizes. Our application penetration testing exposes vulnerabilities in applications and ensures that application risks are minimized.

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