Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile devices are inarguably the most disruptive technology invention in recent times and have had an impact on human lives like no other. With the number of mobile devices surpassing the number of human beings on earth, making your application mobile-ready is key to keeping today’s digital consumers happy. Across enterprises of all sizes, mobile apps have fueled growth in business operations and customer services. However, with the variety of platforms, devices and networks, there is significant infrastructure required for mobile application testing services. The testing is either not exhaustive or very costly due to the sub-optimal approach used for testing.

TestingXperts, with its Advanced Mobile Test Lab, extensive expertise in mobile testing engagements and a breadth of experience in the right tools, ensures that the mobile testing is thorough and cost-effective. Our Mobile Test Lab has 350+ physical and cloud-based devices from leading brands and the ability to test with various network carriers on 2G, 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

TestingXperts provides end-to-end testing services for mobiles, including functional, security, performance, compatibility, usability and test automation across different devices, models, networks, operating systems, browsers, and locations.


We do specific functionality checks to ensure the applications works flawlessly across mobile devices:

  • Installation testing
  • Upgrade testing
  • Landscape/Portrait Mode Testing
  • UI Testing
  • Battery Drain Testing
  • Memory testing
  • Interruption Testing
  • Carrier-Based Testing
  • GPS, Touch Testing
  • Connectivity testing
  • Broken links testing

Our Differentiators

TestingXperts QA team is offering its clients mobile testing services across all verticals.

  • Mobile testing solutions across all verticals
  • Creating a comprehensive test strategy upfront for optimized testing
  • Solutions and various tools for accelerating the testing
  • Fully equipped mobile test lab with partnership with Perfecto Mobile and Device Anywhere
  • Testing applications across a diversity of handsets and global operators
  • Experience with all industry leading tools for functional testing, security testing, performance testing and test automation
  • Platform and device agnostic in-house test automation framework