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Containerization: Accelerate DevOps Adoption using Containers

Accelerating DevOps Adoption Using Containers
Containers|DevOps QA

Posted on : 7:39 pm on 18/09/2017

The last few years have witnessed an insistent acceptance of new method named ‘Containers’ as organizations wish to deal with disruption at a faster pace. Containers have been around in the IT world for over a decade now, but the arrival of Docker made them more popular as it re-invented containers by adding a robust platform, integrated management tools, and code registry. What are ‘Containers’ and why do we need them? Containers are the answer to the common problems faced by software to run consistently while moving from one computing environment to the other. This could be from a developer’s

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The Crucial Role of Service Virtualization for Continuous Delivery

blog: Service Virtualization and Continuous Delivery
Agile Testing|Containers|DevOps QA

Posted on : 7:38 pm on 31/05/2017

Our current software development and testing landscape require the elimination of each and every bottleneck present. If there is something along the regular development lifecycle that can be tweaked and moved for achieving greater quality and speed, it is a no-brainer to make that move. If you are looking to remove all these constraints, service virtualization should be your choice in 2017. With service virtualization, both developers and testers can create simulated instances of production environments to develop and test. Being part of a team that is following DevOps or Agile principles, delivering applications and updates as rapidly as possible

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