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4 Key benefits of Scriptless Automation you should know

Benefits of scriptless test automation
Infographic|Scriptless test automation

Posted on : 7:43 pm on 30/05/2019

Scriptless test automation is one of the solutions to maximize the scalability of test automation. It enables the testers and business users to automate test cases without worrying about the coding. It helps to achieve faster results and reduces the time expended to understand the code. Explore its benefits

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Testingxperts-year-in-review Infographic
Infographic|Year In review

Posted on : 12:59 pm on 31/12/2018

2018 has come to an exciting end for us here at TestingXperts. Join us as we look back at some of our most significant accomplishments and prestigious recognitions in our ‘Year In Review 2018’. Also, a big thank you to TestingXperts teams and clients who were a part of this journey.                                                                                                  

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Domain knowledge importance in software testing

Posted on : 7:58 pm on 27/09/2018

Earlier, QA industry had a horizontal focus and was same across various business domains. But, today the industry inclined towards specialization; to be precise the domain specialization has become a must. This verticalization of QA industry is bridging the gap between business users and IT teams, thus, helping increase the significance of the work/product delivered to end users. Therefore, it is important for QA teams to have a profound knowledge of their business domain before testing an application. To consider QA teams as quality gatekeepers, their understanding of the domain must match the required industry standards. In this infographic, we

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5 Key Benefits Of Agile Coaching Every Enterprise MUST Know- Infographic

Agile Testing Methodology & Coaching

Posted on : 8:24 pm on 12/09/2018

The transition to agile impacts an entire organization and comes with its own set of challenges. When an organization or just a team transform from their existing way of working to Agile practices, the complexity of the transformation can be overwhelming at times. With extensive Agile coaching, an organization’s product development agility can be improved. In this infographic, we will discuss the 5 key benefits of Agile coaching that enterprises may have never considered.  Download this infographic here

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Infographic | Black Friday Is Approaching. Are You Prepared?

Black Friday Testing
Black Friday Testing|Infographic

Posted on : 1:57 pm on 08/08/2018

Summer seems to be ending very quickly and the big sale days are fast approaching. Are you sure your website can handle an unanticipated load? Sometimes, the application is not able to withstand the sudden influx of users and before you know it, either the website servers are down, or the payment gateway crashes. This negligence can end up having an adverse impact on the brand. There are many renowned e-commerce companies that have faced this distress and have had a major setback during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Taking into consideration the previous years’ statistics, performance testing has

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Top 5 Testing Strategies to Overcome Digital Disruption in the Banking Sector- Infographic

Banking Mobile Application testing Services Infographic
Digital Testing|Infographic

Posted on : 4:52 pm on 06/06/2018

Digital disruption has been occurring at every level in the banking sector lately. From newer technology to high competition to intensified customer expectations, the banking industry has become increasingly vulnerable. Digital technology, despite its omnipresence, is beginning to penetrate industries. Banks are finding innovative ways to evade the impending risks associated with digital banking. The efficient way to understand and successfully bring the organization from traditional banking to digital banking is by adopting an Omni-Channel approach. Omni-channel is an approach to customer service where all the channels are closely integrated, keeping the customer as the priority. So how does a

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5 Reasons why investing in penetration testing is important- Infographic

Infographics - Reasons You Need Security Penetration Testing Services
Infographic|Security Testing

Posted on : 8:21 pm on 10/05/2018

A pen test is generally performed to find vulnerabilities and fix them before an attacker does. Sometimes, the IT department is aware of the reported vulnerabilities but still needs an external expert to officially report them so that the management is sure of the vulnerabilities and can fix them properly. Having a second set of eyes to corroborate all the vulnerabilities is always a good security practice. Let’s find out the reasons why performing pen-testing is important.  

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Infographic – 6 Incredible Ways Technology Has Transformed the Banking Sector

6 Incredible Ways Technology Has Transformed the Banking Sector
Digital Testing|Infographic|Security Testing|Software Testing|Uncategorized

Posted on : 6:32 pm on 31/10/2017

There was a time when the banking sector was less involved and open to technological innovations, primarily due to compliance and security concerns. However, technology has infused our lives so much that even the banking sector could not refrain from embracing it. Since then, the world of banking has seen incredible changes; one of the changes is ‘Digital Transformation’. Traditional banking has evolved into digital banking; it is an important change as to how banks have started interacting with customers and satisfying all their business needs remotely. In this infographic, we will discuss the 6 incredible ways that technology has

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[Infographic] Digital is Disrupting – Is your Testing Strategy in Place

Digital Is Disrupting
Digital Testing|Infographic|Software Testing

Posted on : 8:14 pm on 26/09/2017

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way businesses are operating these days. If industry reports are to be believed, “90% CEOs believe the digital economy will have a significant impact on their industry, but only 25% have plans in place, and less than 15% are funding and executing the plan”. Digital testing, therefore, assumes greater importance than ever before. This infographic will showcase TestingXperts’ viewpoint on the importance of digital testing in transforming the industries and helping them embark on their digital transformation journey. Also Read: Digital Assurance: The Key to Ensuring Optimal Business Growth

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Achieve Quality at Speed with ‘Tx-Automate’ – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tx-Automate-‘Ready-to-Deploy’ Test Automation Framework
Infographic|Test Automation

Posted on : 7:38 pm on 27/07/2017

Implementing automated testing has become a necessity to meet today’s agile environment. Repetition of software tests during the development cycles is needed to ensure quality. However, repeating the tests manually can be costly and time-consuming. Therefore, automated tests are preferred as they can be run over and over again at no additional cost and are agile than manual tests. QA managers have started implementing automated testing for accomplishing their tight regression testing cycles. The major advantage of automated tests is their capability to reduce the time from days to hours to run repetitive tests. However, still, various QA managers and

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