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Application Modernization and Rationalization

Legacy systems and outdated applications can impede progress, hinder agility, and increase operational costs. Our services are meticulously designed to address these challenges, offering a transformative journey from on-premises to the cloud. We specialize in ensuring a seamless transition, leveraging serverless architectures, and promoting cloud agnostic capabilities.

By adopting a multi-cloud strategy using Azure, AWS & Google Cloud, we enable businesses to harness the benefits of diverse cloud platforms, optimizing performance, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. With our expertise, organizations can unlock new levels of efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness, positioning themselves for sustained success in the digital era.

Business Benefits

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60%Enhanced Agility

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30%Increased intergration Capabilities

Software Testing in Banking Applications

50%Faster Time to Market

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Faster Adaptation to Technological Advancements

The Necessity for Application Modernization and Rationalization
Arises when Current Infrastructures:

  • Fail to meet evolving compliance standards
  • Struggle with modern software and hardware
  • Are more vulnerable to cyber threats
  • Limit the integration of new technologies
  • Have redundant and dormant apps
  • Lead to decreased operational performance

Our Application Modernization

Our approach to application modernization is thorough and tailored to meet your organization's specific needs. We consolidate your existing application inventory to clearly understand your current IT landscape. We then carefully select which applications are prime candidates for modernization, considering key factors such as varying, unexpected loads & seasonal peaks.

Retain :

Preserve essential business applications reliant on legacy systems in their current setup.

Rehost :

Migrate without modification, commonly known as "lift and shift," involves relocating applications to the cloud without changes, suitable for apps that are already cloud-ready.

Replatform :

Upgrade for the cloud, ideal for legacy applications that require minor adjustments to optimize performance in a cloud environment.

Refactor :

Redesign for compatibility, a more intensive process than upgrading, involves altering an application’s architecture to fit better within the new environment.

Reimagine :

Redevelop with a vision, focusing on future business objectives to identify and develop the necessary applications.

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Approach for Application Modernization

A successful application modernization strategy should aim to support a framework that aligns with the organizational goals. We offer application modernization services customized to your business requirements. To elaborate if an organization uses on-premises apps, modernization may involve migrating those applications to a public, private, or hybrid cloud. Here is our Application modernization approach broadly defined:

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Our Application Rationalization

We evaluate your existing applications to ensure alignment, performance, and value. As part of this service, we identify consolidation or retirement opportunities, thereby enhancing efficiency, reducing operational costs, and aligning IT investments with evolving business strategies. We consult industry best practices throughout the application rationalization process, perform cost-benefit analyses, and evaluate risks. To achieve this, we employ the following methodologies:

Risk Assessment :

We evaluate the security, compliance, and operational risks associated with each application. Our services include Identifying potential vulnerabilities and assess the impact on the organization.

Rationalization Recommendations :

We provide recommendations on whether to retain, retire or replace each application based on the assessments conducted. We do this by developing a rationalization roadmap and strategy.

Consolidation and Integration :

We Identify opportunities for consolidating redundant functionalities across applications. Explore integration possibilities to create a more streamlined and cohesive IT landscape.

Governance and Lifecycle :

We establish governance frameworks for ongoing application portfolio management. Implement strategies for continuous monitoring, updates, and periodic re-evaluation.

Our Approach to Application Rationalization

When it comes to implementing Application Rationalization, it can be a complex task. Therefore, it should include careful planning, analysis and decision-making. To implement a successful application rationalization process, it is important to follow the best practices that have proven effective.

Why Tx for Application Modernization
& Rationalization?

Use of Modern Technologies :

Bringing next-gen technologies experience.

One Stop Shop Solution :

Bringing end to end service capabilities by covering the gap between development and quality assurance.

Scale with Agility :

Tailor-made services and solutions with attention to customers’ needs.

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