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How Penetration Testing Could Help Reduce The GDPR Impact On Tech Companies

Security penetration testing services & GDPR
GDPR Compliance Testing|Security Testing

Posted on : 7:07 pm on 15/10/2018

Online data privacy has always been a concern for many organizations, governments and web users. Users are demanding the transparency on the usage of their personal data by organizations that store and process it, especially after seeing an increased rate of data breaches in the recent past. Recently, Google has announced to shut down the consumer version of Google+ after falling prey to a Data Breach. The security of information in Google+ was compromised, which led Google to shut down its service. Read the full news here. If the world’s most trusted technology giant like Google can fall prey to

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Why GDPR Training is a MUST for Software Developers and Testers- Infographic

GDPR Compliant Training for Software Developers & Testers
GDPR Compliance Testing

Posted on : 4:58 pm on 18/05/2018

With the GDPR finish line set for 25 May 2018, companies are barely left with few days to comply with new requirements for EU data protection. As digital business inflates and customers increase their online activities, privacy protection and security is more important than ever. Enterprises that can better respond to the requirements of GDPR, and can do this before their competitors, have an incredible opportunity to build more trust among customers and build a positive business reputation. This new regulation will also have a serious impact on development and testing of new systems, creating a roadblock in the process

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GDPR Compliance: Are You Ready

GDPR Compliance and QA Testing Services
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Posted on : 5:00 pm on 13/02/2018

Cybersecurity and Data Protection have become the most talked about issues of recent times. Protecting internal and private data is a concern for every country and organization. Every country or region is coming up with its own Data Protection Act to protect their data from cyber-attacks and other probing vulnerabilities. Likewise, On April 14, 2016, the European Union parliament approved the General Data Protection Regulation, commonly known as GDPR. The law will be enforced from May 25, 2018. GDPR will be directly applicable in each EU Member State. After May 2018, organizations processing personal data will be held more responsible

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