Published: 02 May 2017

Why is Continuous Testing the Key to Redefining DevOps

Last Updated: 27 Mar 2024

The introduction of Agile and DevOps methodology has accelerated the development and testing process from days to hours or minutes, giving birth to continuous testing. Continuous testing refers to the exercise of beginning the testing process alongside with development, and shortening the test cycles, to focus on prevention of problem instead of just detection. To succeed in continuous testing, it is important to maximize automation of testing activities in the process.

Continuous Testing and DevOps

DevOps, being an extension of agile development methodology, helps in laying stress on communication, collaboration, and integration among various stakeholders in the process, i.e. QA, development, and operations. Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery are the two most important components of DevOps practices. DevOps is the latest and the most acknowledged approach to handling the ever-changing business scenarios.

Continuous integration (CI) is the main component of DevOps practice which ensures that the software is built and tested on a regular basis and bug-fixes are released quickly. It involves members of a team to integrate their work regularly. Every check-in is then corroborated by an automated build, which helps in an early detection of defects. Since CI recognizes defects early in the development phase, defects are easy to resolve and are less complex. Employing Continuous Integration and automation tools is standard in a DevOps cycle.

Continuous Testing- TestingXperts Point of View

Continuous testing is the primary step while embarking on a DevOps journey. Continuous testing is a symbol for a continuous feedback mechanism that drives software delivery throughout the SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) channel. Continuous Testing, if implemented thoroughly, allows flawless continuity in the SDLC. Integrating a completely automated continuous testing process in the lifecycle is the most efficient solution for a successful continuous delivery process.

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