Published: 19 Jun 2017

LeanFT: A Perfect Solution Built for Continuous Testing

Last Updated: 12 Jan 2023

Enterprises these days are facing challenges with rapidly changing market dynamics, increased customer expectations, and frequent technology upgrades. These changes have compelled more and more enterprises to move towards the agile lifecycle model. Agile is an iterative approach to software delivery where software is built incrementally in multiple cycles rather than trying to deliver it all at once in the end. There are multiple tools available in the market to make the adoption of agile easier. ‘HP LeanFT’ is one such tool that helps in achieving this goal.


1. What is LeanFT
2. LeanFT offers Application Models
3. Main advantages of HP LeanFT
4. How is LeanFT a Perfect Solution for Continuous Integration and Testing?

What is LeanFT

LeanFT is the most recent functional testing solution for continuous testing and continuous integration. Having a closer look at the market opportunity, and with Agile, Continuous integration and delivery gaining popularity, HP was dead right in releasing LeanFT.

Thus, let’s understand what’s different with LeanFT.

LeanFT offers Application Models

An application model is a chain of test objects that is related to the real objects in your application under test. Application model allows you to maintain your tests in a single location to be used across the testing suite. It comes with impressive features such as Tags, Search and Locate using object identification center that is accessible while managing large scale application models. LeanFT allows the users to use application models both in Visual Studio for your C# tests and in Eclipse for Java tests.

LeanFT offer excellent methods for verifying application behavior. LeanFT verify class, VerifyImageExists, and VerifyImageMatch methods help in checking appearance and behavior of your application. This is phenomenal as it lets you perform frontier-style verifications to check whether your application performs as you want it to.

Main advantages of HP LeanFT are:

• Lower Costs – LeanFT is a plugin for IDEs like Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse. If a user is already using HP UFT and is moving towards DevOps, they can get LeanFT for free.

• Quicker Test Creation – HP LeanFT is compatible with Eclipse and Visual Studio and also helps you write and maintain your tests rapidly. Since it uses the concepts and features of HP UFT; it is easier for users who want to use it right away.

• Extraordinary Predictability – LeanFT targets better alignment and collaboration between automation engineers and developers by using the renowned CI/CD tools which can integrate straight into LeanFT.

How is LeanFT a Perfect Solution for Continuous Integration and Testing?

Resistant and Robust Tests Applications that have a tendency to change rapidly pose unique challenges for testing. The object identification tools in LeanFT help in maintaining uniformity of testing models throughout, by adapting to changes in the original application.

Compatible with Different Operating Systems LeanFT’s multi-platform support lets sers design and executes tests on Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Portable across various IDEs Encourages and enable developers and QA to work together in agile teams by using the same tool for development and testing. LeanFT features functional testing capabilities in Eclipse, Visual Studio, and IntelliJ, so you can achieve high productivity with software testing tools you are aware of.

ISV Challenges

End-to-end Reporting throughout the Lifecycle Users can get straight to the root of the issues with LeanFT’s detailed description of the flow of test execution that includes actionable and clear reasons for test failures at each phase.

TestingXperts can help you make an Agile shift at the basic level which is very challenging for most of the organizations. Contact us today to know more about our effectiveness in migrating to LeanFT.

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