4 Major Benefits of Software Testing in the Healthcare Industry

Benefits of Software Testing in the Healthcare Industry
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Posted on : 16/10/2017

With the growing demand for regulatory compliance, interoperability and the end-user technology compliance, the healthcare industry has witnessed major changes in the last few years. Technology has been the major transformation point in this industry, wherein applications are being created to deliver quick service anytime anywhere. Digitalization, being one of the major revolutions seen by this industry, has been helping experts to deliver their services even from a distance. The growing number of healthcare products, such as wearables and the applications associated with them, have created a huge market and had a remarkable effect on the economy. In fact, over

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6 Most Effective Ways to Build Business Agility

Effective Ways to Build Business Agility
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Posted on : 09/10/2017

Today’s fast-paced technology-centric world presents opportunities and threats at every turn. It has become challenging to practice agile development no matter how big or small an organization you are. To become sustainable in this disruptive environment, agility is key. Let us have a look at the 6 most effective ways an organization can achieve business agility. How to bring Agility into your organization and how to survive? 1. Scalability To deliver customer satisfaction, there is a need for a reliable value-delivery engine aligned with top business priorities, giving you fast and predictable implementation across the entire software development lifecycle. Waterfall

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Top 4 Challenges of API Testing and How to Overcome Them

Challenges of API Testing
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Posted on : 03/10/2017

The world is getting more and more connected with each passing day. It is believed that around 30 billion independent things will be connected to the internet by 2020. Now, with this pressure to move at a greater speed, the biggest stumbling block is to identify how to build a continuous approach to testing across multiple channels of engagement. The consumerization of IT is changing the way applications are being developed. Rather than building a single, monolithic system installed on a server in a back office, modern applications are distributed within mobile devices and web browsers so users can gain

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[Infographic] Digital is Disrupting – Is your Testing Strategy in Place

Digital Is Disrupting
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Posted on : 26/09/2017

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way businesses are operating these days. If industry reports are to be believed, “90% CEOs believe the digital economy will have a significant impact on their industry, but only 25% have plans in place, and less than 15% are funding and executing the plan”. Digital testing, therefore, assumes greater importance than ever before. This infographic will showcase TestingXperts’ viewpoint on the importance of digital testing in transforming the industries and helping them embark on their digital transformation journey. Also Read: Digital Assurance: The Key to Ensuring Optimal Business Growth

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