Need for a Perfect Performance Testing Strategy in the Cloud


Posted on : 23/01/2017

Offering virtual pool of resources for storage and computing, cloud services have taken the industrial era to the era of information access. Cloud computing has completely changed the way applications are being developed, deployed, and used by the end users. Applications become highly scalable with the availability of an infinite pool of resources, and the cloud-based environment has apparently made our lives very easy. Given below are some simple yet necessary changes observed with the cloud-based environment. • Access to emails outside of office premises • Updating mobile applications without any particular requirement • Updating social statuses while traveling •

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Ensure Continuous Delivery in Agile Testing Cycles with Test Automation

Blog: Ensure-continuous-delivery-in-agile-testing-cycles-with-test-automation
Agile Testing|Test Automation

Posted on : 18/01/2017

Quality @ speed is what every enterprise strives for these days. With increasing business demands to accelerate time-to-market, more and more companies have started migrating from traditional development methods to continuous delivery that are based on agile philosophy. This modern approach allows software to be developed and deployed in short cycles. Companies are rapidly embracing agile practices to accelerate the application delivery to cope with the strict demands of the market. The modern landscape of software testing not only focuses on speedy delivery but also necessitates quality. It becomes imperative for the companies to follow a continuous schedule that encourages

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