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4 Major Benefits of Software Testing in the Healthcare Industry

Benefits of Software Testing in the Healthcare Industry
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Posted on : 5:49 pm on 16/10/2017

With the growing demand for regulatory compliance, interoperability and the end-user technology compliance, the healthcare industry has witnessed major changes in the last few years. Technology has been the major transformation point in this industry, wherein applications are being created to deliver quick service anytime anywhere. Digitalization, being one of the major revolutions seen by this industry, has been helping experts to deliver their services even from a distance. The growing number of healthcare products, such as wearables and the applications associated with them, have created a huge market and had a remarkable effect on the economy. In fact, over

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Top 4 Technology Trends Transforming the Insurance Industry

Software Testing technology trends transforming the Insurance Industry
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Posted on : 1:40 pm on 31/07/2017

Technology trends and digital disruption is transforming the insurance industry immensely. Thus, insurers have been feeling distressed and pressurized to digitize their workflow, and also streamline business processes. These disruptions have been challenging the traditional ways by which the insurance agents and brokers have done business in the past. To stay ahead of the curve, insurance companies across the world have started embracing newer technologies including mobile and cloud-based options. Insurance companies globally are taking all possible measures to deploy innovative technology for developing business processes and streamlining legacy applications. Let us explore top technology trends being adopted lately. Cloud-based

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Significance of Big Data Testing in 2017-Infographic

Big Data Testing Infographic
Big Data Testing|Infographic

Posted on : 8:05 pm on 29/06/2017

Over the last few decades, the world has experienced extensive availability of data, and this exponential growth has been described as ‘Big Data.’ It is a term used to broadly classify the complex and large data sets where data processing applications are considered insufficient. The evolution of big data has been extraordinary, but it has led to the rise of bad data as well. In this infographic, we will discuss the importance of Big Data Testing in 2017. Download this Infographic in PDF

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5 Areas in the Insurance Industry where Big Data can make a huge Impact!

Big data picture1 v1
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Posted on : 6:06 pm on 31/08/2016

Providing new insights into various industries, Big Data is no longer confined to just being a technology and rather is becoming a business enabler. The insights gleaned from Big Data are playing an integral part in providing solutions to the longstanding challenges of the insurance industry. Insurance firms undergo a process of evaluating risks of insuring a person and consequently setting up the premium for the policy. They hold great quantities of data that helps them get acquainted with the existing customers and reach new customers as well. While the industry has made immense progress by analyzing and capturing structured

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Testing Center of Excellence

Agile Testing|Big Data Testing|Infographic

Posted on : 11:36 am on 25/05/2015

An Infographic on our Testing CoE (Center of Excellence)

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