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Published: 03 Sep 2018

What would you miss in a Crowdsourced Testing Engagement

Last Updated: 06 Sep 2022

Today’s end users expect only the best from the moment they download an application. Unsurprisingly, these increased expectations are placing a great deal of extra stress on the in-house QA and testing teams. QA teams face challenges of finding bugs (and getting fixes done) on tighter deadlines, across different devices and OSs. Another challenge is the diversity of user base and levels of their ‘tech-savviness’ which makes it difficult to find the right user experience for this varied user base.

Contents 1. What, exactly, is Crowdsourced Testing? 2. Challenges involved with Crowdsourced Testing 3. How Can TestingXperts Help? 4. Conclusion

Testing an application’s compatibility with various devices, browsers, and OSs is next to impossible because of the non-availability of an array of devices, and the high cost of setting up a lab and deploying costly human resources.

For these reasons, industry is seeing a shift towards crowdsourced testing.


What, exactly, is Crowdsourced Testing?


Crowdsourced Testing is a form of testing conducted by members of the global community on their respective devices, resulting in wide testing coverage across devices/operating systems. Industries with users from different ages, professions, communities, and geographic locations are considering this solution to receive faster feedback from real users. It helps companies get feedback from real end users of the application and improve user experience of the application along with finding the functional issues.

However, hiring crowd testers from across the globe is not a foolproof solution as there are challenges involved.


Challenges involved with Crowdsourced Testing


Top Crowdsourced Testing Services Challenges

Here is a list of challenges involved with crowdsourced testing, which can help organizations in making a wise decision.

Security and Confidentiality Issues:

Having the testing performed by a large group who might not have loyalty to that brand can impose huge risks on an organization. Application details exposing to strangers can also cause security damage to the brand.

Management Issues:

It’s challenging to manage testers across the globe and working with them in different time zones.

Communication issues:

There can be communication issues that may arise when an urgent response is needed from the resources working online.

Test coverage Issues:

As the payment depends on the number of bugs found, it’s difficult to guarantee that important bugs are not ignored. It, therefore, requires more managerial oversight to ensure thorough bug identification.

Motivation Issues:

Motivating testers to continue testing without getting distracted is a huge task as they are not in front of you and they can’t be accountable.

Quality Issues:

The major issue that arises is ensuring the quality of testing or the quality of defects raised.

Is There a Way Out?

Enterprises that are time-pressed and want complete coverage for their testing initiatives before they launch a product MUST consider outsourcing their testing services to a specialist QA and software testing company.

A specialist software testing vendor will have experience and will also have in-house testing teams to perform all types of testing for organizations. Also, the specialist testing vendors can find resources to perform extra tasks on need basis besides their in-house teams. This provides an extensive and in-depth testing process.


How Can TestingXperts Help?

Confidentiality of Project

We take pride in the high standards we provide in maintaining confidentiality of the client’s IP and data. We follow complete access control and also sign NDA with clients before taking over projects.

Professional Expertise

We have developed expertise over several years working with leading companies all over the world. All our resources are career testers with specific expertise on domains, industry tools and certifications as required.

Significantly Improved Product Quality

We have structured test processes with standard artifacts like test templates, checklists, tools, etc. to ensure better product quality ensuring no production defects.

Process Oriented Approach (Agile or Waterfall)

We follow a proven process-oriented approach for every engagement and will execute the projects in a standard waterfall or agile methodology as per project needs.

Communication Within Team

A collaborative approach to work with clients leading to a better understanding of the client’s business and provides greater value in application testing.

Best Outsourced QA Testing Providers


In today’s competitive world, demand for better application quality is rising as organizations deal with pressure to focus on customer satisfaction and to deliver good quality products promptly. Crowdsourced testing might appear to be an easy and cost-effective approach that involves testers working from different geographies to cover all testing areas. However, to create a foolproof process, companies must choose specialist software testing and QA vendors for their testing initiatives.

A specialist company with an identity and reputation in the market would be a better decision for organizations to sign up for their testing demands. Crowdsourced testing maybe an ideal option for carrying out user-experience related testing. Connect with us to learn more about our QA and software testing services.

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