Reasons To Outsource Quality Assurance Services

Published: 16 Apr 2018

Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Outsource QA Services

Last Updated: 19 Jan 2024

2018 continues to be a year where technological trends like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, SaaS, Smart devices, intelligent systems continue to make a deep impact on businesses. The digitalization of business and collaborative launches have led to increasing dependence on software for all kinds of jobs.

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Consequently, this has increased the costs of testing, overheads of testing tools, testing infrastructure, and the right skill set to implement them. In this competitive industry, the costs associated with botched applications continue to rise and deeply impact enterprises not just for financial reasons, but also with the company’s image. Consequently, this has amplified the focus on QA and software testing within the SDLC.

QA Outsourcing

In this day and age, testing has become multi-dimensional as it works with an Omni-channel objective. Expertise, strategy, infrastructure, best practices, and skilled resources are what you need to bring out the best in the approach. However, opting for outsourcing Quality Assurance services can be an important option for any organization both from a financial and technical perspective. Let’s identify the prime reasons why outsourcing QA services can prove to be a significant decision for organizations.

Why Outsource QA Services?

1. Experience and Expertise

QA and software testing requires extensive experience and expertise. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a well-established and accomplished partner, well-equipped with the latest trends, best practices, and strategies in QA and software testing domain. Simultaneously, an efficient testing partner would have a good understanding of the emerging technologies like IoT. A specialist testing partner can bring the best-in-class human resources for your project.

2. Flexibility

The most evident reason for outsourcing is to have the right resources with the right skill sets readily available with the flexibility that is needed by your business. QA and testing partners have proficient teams that are updated with the right technology required which can be deployed at short notice. Thus, flexibility is a major reason why you should consider outsourcing QA services.

3. Cost-effectiveness

Cost is a significant factor to consider, though, it should not become a reason to hire amateur resources, which can be costlier in the longer run. Therefore, it is recommended to outsource QA services to a well-recognized and a specialist company.

4. Focus on core business processes

Outsourcing enables you to free your own valuable resources to do the work which adds more value to your organization.

Artificial Intelligence & Its Impact On Software Testing Industry


Enterprises are in dire need of robust applications but with quality and speed. To ensure superior quality and to avoid conflicts around primacies, testing should be considered as a separate function undertaken by different teams or companies. Outsourcing an important function like QA can enable organizations to concentrate on core activities and innovation, whereas the QA and testing providers work proficiently, ensuring quality outcomes and positive business results.

Here is how we at TestingXperts can help your organization in providing QA and software testing services. Our experience and expertise, coupled with flexible models provides you a cost-effective option for your organization to focus on your core business processes.

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