Published: 04 Jun 2018

How Outsourcing QA Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Business

Last Updated: 08 Jan 2024

Software testing from a business perspective can be a challenging task unless it is supported by the right resources. For software to be failsafe, QA or software testing is important, and hence, outsourcing this task to a specialist company eases the burden to a great extent. Earlier, outsourcing was just a technique used to cut down costs. However, in recent times, it has become an effective strategy for achieving better business objectives.

1. Factors To Consider Before Outsourcing QA Services
2. Benefits of Outsourcing QA Services
 2.1 Quality and productivity
 2.2 Security of code
 2.3 Early identification of risks
 2.4 Faster testing results
 2.5 Understanding of the modern QA trends
 2.6 Automation in QA
3. Why Choose TestingXperts?

Assigning the task of Quality Assurance to a specialist QA and software testing company having relevant experience in this domain accelerates the entire Software Development process, ensuring productivity, objectivity, and efficiency. Moreover, by outsourcing, companies can massively reduce their QA costs.

Factors To Consider Before Outsourcing QA Services

1. Know about the verticals which the QA Company has experience

A business/client/enterprise looking out for a testing services company specialized in outsourcing must have a vivid idea about the industries they have worked for. The more the industry verticals, the better the QA Company is equipped to solve complex testing issues and thus can provide seamless software testing solutions to the outsourcer.

2. Understand what are the technologies the QA Company has hands-on

Businesses thinking to go with outsourcing their projects must know well in advance as to what kind of technologies and tools the testing services company implements in a real-time environment. Another question that should pop up in their mind whether these technologies and tools are the latest ones and trending in the marketplace.

3. Thorough research about the company

Businesses must do the necessary research to be well-acquainted with the company’s offering. Some of the areas where the businesses can get an understanding of the QA Company’s services offered, industries served, business model, clients served, testing products developed, engagement models, etc.

4. Understanding operational models of Onsite/Offshore models

Businesses should check whether the testing services company can provide onsite and offsite services.

5. In-depth subject knowledge from an implementation perspective

Businesses must get to know whether the testing services company is really passionate, devoted and committed towards their domain. This also means whether the company enables the latest testing frameworks, methodologies and deployment scenarios from the inside out.

6. Understand the cost factor

Just because the cost of outsourcing is comparatively less doesn’t mean it’s a win-win situation. More than the cost factor, businesses must focus on the quality of the deliverables.

Benefits of outsourcing QA Services:


Quality and productivity:

For an unbiased evaluation of the software, it is essential that businesses assign the development and testing work to different teams. A single team for both development and testing will generate a lack of objectivity. Moreover, by doing so, companies put themselves at risk of not being able to find errors in the software. Having two different teams for both roles will ensure unbiased testing. Therefore, outsourced software testing to a specialist company that has expertise in testing software/ applications will be the best decision.

Security of code:

By outsourcing software testing process, companies will have utmost security as they do not have to share the details of the code with their outsourcing partners. In fact, software testing companies prefer to be compliant with the latest regulations and international standards like ISO and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Also, by outsourcing Quality Assurance, enterprises can be unperturbed about breach of Intellectual Property (IP) Rights.

Early identification of risks:

Quality Assurance is mostly ignored by companies, as they are unaware of its crucial role in Software Development. As a matter of fact, QA is essential for delivering an excellent piece of software. Partnering with an outsource QA team will keep companies in a safer zone, as well as allow them to detect bugs early on in the process. As the cost of defects increases with the development of the project, the QA process must be agile and should start with the development process itself.

Faster testing results:

By outsourcing the QA process, the turnaround time of defect detection also decreases, making the process faster and effective. There are various models followed by the testing companies, and Follow the Sun is the most effective and efficient out of these. In this model, if the client is in some other time zone, the right QA team makes sure the time zone difference does not hamper the efficiency of the process, and the testing results are thus delivered overnight.

Understanding of the modern QA trends:

Specialized QA companies are evolving rapidly and are always updated with the latest quality assurance trends. Associating with an experienced QA team can help companies to identify the best tools and technology for testing their application.

Automation in QA:

With the latest advances in technology and automation, QA has also become automated. A competent team of testing specialists can have a better understanding of test automation tools used in the process. Companies find it hard to use the advanced automated QA techniques in order to test their applications. Therefore, outsourcing QA to a company that holds hands-on experience in automated testing and is using the most recent methodologies can be the best option.

Outsourced QA Services

Why Choose TestingXperts?

Here at TestingXperts, we believe that QA is a critical part of the Software Development Lifecycle and deserves an expert approach. Our highly-skilled QA and software testing engineers are well-equipped with the latest trends and methodologies in the software testing domain.

With distributed agile teams in different time zones, enterprises are facing challenges in fostering effective communication across their teams. To address this need, TestingXperts provides its clients with a Real-time offshoring, Follow the Sun, and various other global delivery models to provide round-the-clock customer service to our clients. Our understanding and proficiency, coupled with flexible engagement models provide our customers with cost-effective options, ensuring positive business results. In order to maintain and provide utmost security to our clients, we take strict security measures. TestingXperts is ISO 27001:2013 and GDPR compliant. Connect with us now!

Related Queries on QA Outsourcing

Q1. Why outsourcing your qa is good?

Ans. By outsourcing QA services, companies can massively reduce their QA costs. And outsourcing QA to a company that holds hands-on experience in automated testing and is using the most recent methodologies can be the best option.

Q2. How much does Quality Assurance Outsourcing cost?

Ans. The cost of QA Outsourcing depends on lots of factors and there is no fixed price in all companies.

Q3. How to outsource qa?

Ans. There are various factors that you need to consider before outsourcing your QA services. The factors include strength of QA team, their qa skills, knowledge of tools etc.

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