Latest Trends in Software Testing

In the recent past, there has been a great evolution in the field of software testing with new trends coming into the IT industry services. The introduction of new technologies has brought latest updates in the software design, development, testing and delivery. The top priority of the businesses across the globe is the cost optimization. For doing so, most of the IT leaders believe in the integration of the latest IT techniques for their organisation. Digital transformation is another important point of focus for the industries and the businesses are ranking high on the cloud computing and business analytics.

The factors like quality and reliability are being given the major attention, which results in the reduction of the software application errors, improves the security and the application performance. The changes in the testing trends would also have a significant impact on the quality assurance and software testing. The industries have increased their software testing budgets, especially in the sectors of energy and utilities and transportation.

Today, the companies are integrating the testing, earlier in the software development cycle with testing methods like Agile. This also involves the establishment of the T-CoEs to match the testing mechanism with business development to build products that are ‘Ready for Business’. Some companies also hire independent testing companies for their software testing needs, this way they incur less cost on testing and does not even require in-house resources.

There are several other important trends in the software-testing world like DevOps testing, Digital testing, Data Warehouse testing to name a few. Thus there is a strong need to adapt the latest testing trends for all the software industries in the world that will help them to adapt the requirement of the modern world.