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Penetration Testing – 5 Reasons Why Organizations Should Adopt It

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Posted on : 8:51 am on 27/06/2019

In today’s cyber world, with vulnerabilities all around, security is a vital component for every organization. If there are lapses in the infrastructure and network security, companies face unexpected costs and will not be able to run their businesses successfully. With ever-increasing vulnerabilities and cyber attacks, companies should protect their applications and digital assets from cyber threats; web applications are more susceptible to these attacks. Penetration testing is one type of security testing that should be taken up to detect recently discovered or any previously known vulnerabilities or weaknesses in their network, computer systems and applications. This type of testing aims

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5 Reasons why investing in penetration testing is important- Infographic

Infographics - Reasons You Need Security Penetration Testing Services
Infographic Security Testing

Posted on : 8:21 pm on 10/05/2018

A pen test is generally performed to find vulnerabilities and fix them before an attacker does. Sometimes, the IT department is aware of the reported vulnerabilities but still needs an external expert to officially report them so that the management is sure of the vulnerabilities and can fix them properly. Having a second set of eyes to corroborate all the vulnerabilities is always a good security practice. Let’s find out the reasons why performing pen-testing is important.  

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