Why Pen-Testing-as-a-Service Makes Sense

Posted on: 7:06 pm on 23/07/2018 By admin
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Security vulnerabilities are a reality faced by the digital world at a rapid speed. Given this reality, penetration testing (also known as Pen-Testing) has become a critical method for protecting systems and applications from security vulnerabilities. Pen-test assesses the security posture and discovers possible defects that could allow malicious individuals/organizations to compromise the security’s main pillars, i.e. Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability.

The goal of this exercise is to uncover vulnerabilities in a target system so the team of developers can take action to correct them. Talking about pen-testers, they act as real attackers, attempting to compromise the system to learn the effectiveness of the performed attacks. Pen-tester is likely to make use of the standard hacking tools to check for vulnerabilities. However, various challenges are involved with the traditional pen testing model, which is the reason, companies are moving towards the new Pen-Testing-as-a-Service model comprising of data, technology, and talent to eliminate the security challenges for modern applications. This methodology applies a SaaS security platform to pen testing to boost workflow efficiencies.

Why Pen-Testing-as-a-Service (PTaaS)?

A company’s security stance is continuously changing in-line with the growing risks. A traditional penetration testing service is a point in time evaluation. However, PTaaS involves a continuous cycle of testing and remediation. It suggests that to combat the changing security stance of the company, there must be an on-going program of testing and management. The PTaaS methodology recognizes, tests and validates the entire platform stack. From the operating system to the SSL certificate, PTaaS is about creating a system of automatic checks and monitoring to protect the smallest features of the software eco-system.

Major Benefits of PTaaS?

– Continuous Security Management:

PTaaS encompasses continuous security management through all-encompassing managed services

– Frequent Vulnerability Scanning:

Unlike the traditional penetration testing, in PTaaS, you can receive access to regular vulnerability scanning report

– Automatic Track Changes:

PTaaS comprises of an automatic track changes feature that would ensure traceability of improvements in the application security.

Penetration Testing Services Can Benefit Your Organization

Why Outsource PTaaS?

Outsourcing PTaaS is a common practice for businesses across various industries. One major benefit of outsourcing pen-testing is to stay updated with the latest tools and technologies in the market. Outsourcing the PTaaS efforts can provide innovative and tailored methodologies that can create better quality and coverage. Almost all organizations perform these evaluations to validate their security stance across their IT domain and accomplish different supervisory requirements, mandating an independent security audit.

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Why Choose TestingXperts?

Enabling a long-term partnership is something that a PTaaS approach brings into play. TestingXperts’ global pool of skilled testers and researchers with a diverse set of skills across the technology stack helps in providing the best services to eliminate the security testing challenges. Our PTaaS model combines data, technology, and talent to eliminate security challenges for modern web/ mobile applications and APIs.