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7 Crucial Activities to Test the Security of your Mobile Applications

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Posted on : 7:01 pm on 06/03/2017

7 Crucial Activities to Test the Security of your Mobile Applications In this era of smartphones where 3G and 4G networks have made it easier to access the internet, it has become easier to perform a business, financial, social transactions. However, according to the recent industry reports, over two-third of large enterprises have been facing security breaches via mobile. The security of data being consumed by the end user using applications via mobile app stores poses a huge security threat. The estimated annual cost of security breaches via mobile has been around $50 billion, globally, and these numbers are increasing

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Telematics Driving Usage-Based Auto Insurance

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Posted on : 7:40 pm on 22/02/2017

The new age automotive environment is presenting significant challenges for satellite navigation systems. High user demands are conflicting with the need for low-cost systems and complex signal environments. These days GPS positioning is usually accompanied by dead reckoning or additional inertial sensors to improve performance. Telematics: The Perfect Example of Technology Advancement Auto Insurance companies have relied on factors like credit-based insurance scores and the age of the driver to decide premiums as the actual driving behavior was not visible. Changes in the driving patterns took long enough to reflect in the premiums imposed. The arrival of telematics has changed

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