Role of Test Automation in Agile and DevOps

11 Jul 2019

Role of Test Automation in Agile and DevOps

During the Waterfall Model of software development, software testing was taken up at the end of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and it resulted in many bugs, thus delaying the release time. Such method of software testing at the end of the SDLC does not hold good anymore and with Agile and DevOps methodologies on the go.

When the testing process actually starts at the beginning of the code development stage, it is specifically referred to as Shift-left approach wherein testing goes hand in hand with development, in an order of Continuous Integration (CI) /Continuous Delivery (CD) method.

Evidently, with testing taking place in parallel to code development under DevOps methodology, it suffices the CI, CD and Continuous Testing (CT) process. But, still organizations today face a lot of Quality Assurance (QA) challenges such as time constraints in development and test cycles while manually testing diverse applications.

Hence, the most efficient way to deal with testing applications is to adopt a well-integrated and robust test automation solution that can predict and simulate business scenarios. It should be coupled with an appropriate test automation strategy, approach and a well-defined test automation framework to deliver quality software at speed under agile and DevOps environments.

Role of Test Automation in Agile and DevOps


Agile Environment

Under an agile environment with iterative & an incremental model in place, Test automation delivers quality at speed within sprints, as functionality can be developed and tested rapidly. It is common that agile teams are spread across geographies and setting of infrastructure across, becomes a costly deal. But, cloud-based test automation tools allow the teams to access the tool from any device and collaborate towards achieving the end goal for delivering a quality product.

It has also been observed that under agile scenarios, the number of tests continues to increase exponentially across each iteration and an automation tool would efficiently handle it and ensures early to the market. Moreover, under Agile, you can automate your functional and regression tests to ensure the product performs quickly and exactly as per the requirements.

DevOps Environment

To achieve speed and agility in DevOps, it is important to automate all the testing processes and configure them to run automatically when the deployment is completed in the QA Environment. Specialized automation testing tools and continuous integration tools should be used to achieve this integration to deliver quality.

As DevOps embraces a culture shift, it breaks silos to build, test and deploy applications, in order to achieve quality with reduced deployment times. Automation tools play an important role to achieve the implementation of CI/CD/CT. Thus, Test automation is undoubtedly the secret to the success of DevOps.

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Major Benefits of Test Automation

– Delivers accurate test results and ensures quality deliverables

– Facilitates automating maximum steps that can be possibly automated

– Increases the speed of test execution

– Provides rapid feedback to reduce the cost of fixing defects quickly and efficiently

– Saves time enormously due to shorter test cycle times

– Removes tedious tasks with the automation of such tasks

– Frees up manual testers (team members) who can be utilized for other tasks

– Ensures all measures to maximize benefits, while minimizing costs

– Parallel execution of tests helps in reducing time-to-live, which in turn is the crux of a successful DevOps implementation

– Test automation also plays an important role in Shift-Left approach, as it unlocks continuous testing throughout the SDLC reducing the feedback loop and costs associated with testing

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The software testing process has been taking a shift-left approach for a while now, wherein testing is executed in parallel with the development leveraging the CI/CD approach. With the agile and DevOps on the go, test automation needs to be adopted by every enterprise to achieve quality at speed.

TestingXperts has profound knowledge and ability to perform test automation and has delivered significant cost savings to the clients. TestingXperts’ Test Automation Framework (Tx-Automate) helps in drastically reducing the effort to kick-start automation and offers a fully operational test automation solution.

Tx-Automate further helps in enhancing the quality and consistency of testing by removing all possible manual errors and increases the test coverage by creating the testing process more efficient to ensure quality at speed. Connect with our Test Automation Experts to leverage our next-gen QA services.

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