Outsourcing QA Testing

Published: 22 Dec 2022

How Outsourcing QA Testing Helps Digital Businesses

Last Updated: 29 Sep 2023

Outsourcing QA Testing for Digital Businesses Outlook in 2023

With AI, cloud, test automation, customer engagement, and cybersecurity leading the digital revolution in 2023, digital businesses should have a well-thought-through testing strategy to ensure and deliver an enhanced user experience with their digital solutions. Digital will continue to drive the IT industry board room agenda for the year 2023. Companies must holistically assess their weakness and strengthen their digital and governance capabilities via wiser business decisions, such as embracing AI/ML, outsourcing QA testing efffort, and so on. Strategic execution becomes very critical in uncertain environments where attrition, inflation, skill shortage, higher wages, and shrinking demand are inevitable.

Digital businesses in the UK should ensure the below 4 points for their solutions:


Main challenges faced by digital businesses for Outsourcing QA Testing


For digital businesses to get faster and cost-effective superior solutions, they should outsource quality assurance and testing services to a pure-play testing services provider.

Why Should Digital Businesses Outsource QA Testing in the United Kingdom?

Outsource QA

By outsourcing QA, the internal team of businesses in the UK can focus on their core competencies while a qualified team takes care of the quality assurance process. This allows businesses to save on costs, improve overall efficiency, and go to market faster. Following are the key reasons why outsourcing testing services proves to be a game-changer:

Enhances efficiency and productivity

If the software needs to be evaluated in an unbiased manner, businesses must make a tactical move by assigning the testing and development activities to different teams that are in line with the overall product and business goals. More objectivity is needed if a single team is involved in coding and testing activities. There will also be a concern about discovering issues and bugs in the software. Further, the errors may be overlooked when the same development team conducts development and testing team activities. Hence, outsourcing quality assurance activities ensures that experts with in-depth knowledge are involved to test the applications.

A systematic approach is followed

As the automation and technological spectrum is getting advanced, QA activities can also be automated for optimal results. QA automation service providers have an in-depth understanding of the tools and techniques required to enrich and optimize the testing process. Outsourcing software testing and QA activities ensure that the QA process can be effectively automated to provide the client with the best results, thereby justifying the worth of the QA service provider.

Ensures early identification and fixing of bugs

When an organization outsource software QA activities to an expert QA provider, then possible bugs or issues can be easily detected right in the early stages of the development process, saving cost and time. As the project progresses, the cost involved in finding defects will also increase. Hence, it is a wise business decision to bring in a specialized QA provider to detect risks at the initial stages.

Ensures intellectual property protection

One of the key benefits of outsourcing QA testing activities is that the coding details need not be shared with the outsourcing provider. The QA provider is concerned with working on test-related works, coming up with unique testing scripts, and thus ensuring that flawless software is delivered. Businesses who work with a professional outsourced testing and QA partner do not have to worry about breach of Intellectual Property rights.

Testing results are delivered faster

When QA testing is outsourced, the turnaround time for detecting defects diminishes significantly, thereby making the testing process even more effective and faster. QA services providers adopt different models, such as onsite-offshore, Follow the Sun, etc., that ensure optimal productivity.

Eight Business Benefits of Outsourcing QA Testing


Following are some of the benefits that businesses can have when they outsource software quality assurance services to the best outsourced quality engineering company:

Factors to Consider Before Outsourcing QA


Know about the expertise of the QA Company

A business looking for a testing services partner should research the clients and industries they have worked for. More exposure to diverse industry verticals means the QA company is better equipped to solve complex QA issues and thus can provide seamless software quality assurance outsourcing and testing solutions to the outsourcer. Before outsourcing software testing services, businesses must consider the following factors:

Understand the experience with tools and technologies

Businesses thinking of software QA outsourcing must know the types of tools and technologies the testing services company implements in a real-time environment. Ideally, these technologies and tools should be reliable and the best resources available in the marketplace.

Research the testing company background

Businesses must do the necessary research to be well acquainted with the company’s offering. Some of the areas where the businesses should explore are services offered, industries served, business models, clients served, thought leadership, global recognitions, etc.

Understand the cost-to-quality factor

Businesses should understand that higher software testing outsourcing costs may not assure the best-in-class customized services, and comparatively lower prices may not mean it’s the best service available. Businesses must focus on the quality of the deliverables more than the cost factor.


Outsourcing QA testing is beneficial to those organizations that need more expertise to carry out the QA testing process efficiently and rewardingly. QA testing provider has a strategic plan of action coupled with a competent and skilled QA team members that can undertake both small and large-scale projects, regardless of complexity, and execute them as per the required specifications. Quality assurance outsourcing ensures that the company that has outsourced QA testing gets the best services that help them scale their business efficiently.

How can Outsourcing QA to TestingXperts Help Businesses in the United Kingdom?


Are you looking for an outsourced testing center in the UK? TestingXperts (Tx) is one of the 5 largest pure-play software testing and QA outsourcing companies globally. Tx has been chosen as a trusted QA partner by Fortune clients and ensures superior testing outcomes for its global clientele. We have rich expertise in enabling end-to-end testing services for global clients across various industry domains like healthcare, telecom, BFSI, retail & eCommerce, etc.

With our domain knowledge and with over a decade of pure play testing experience, the company has been serving global clientele in different time zones with high-quality next-gen QA outsourcing services to deliver superior solutions to clients.

Our range of QA testing services includes:

Functional Testing

Tx has years of experience providing functional testing services for clients across domains. Our wide range of functional testing services includes automation, manual, regression, and mobile testing. We have in-house mobile test labs with numerous mobile devices.

Non-Functional Testing

Tx provides a wide range of non-functional testing services such as performance and load testing, security testing, usability testing, and accessibility testing. We also have an in-house performance testing accelerator, ‘Tx-PEARS,’ which helps with all non-functional testing requirements, including continuous monitoring of your infrastructure in production as well as in lower environments.

Our Differentiators:

1200+ QA professional experts across domains of healthcare, BFSI, eCommerce & Retail, Travel, etc.

Technically qualified (100%) and certified (>70%) employees

Great Place to Work-Certified organization

Faster and quality releases ensure on-time delivery

Reduction in the testing cycles leveraging AI accelerators and RPA frameworks ensures faster time-to-market

Code Reusability & Automation

Delivers superior solutions with improved customer experience (CX) enabled by next-gen testing services

Tool partnerships with leading vendors like UiPath Test Suite, Tricentis Tosca, AccelQ,, and more

Delighted customers – 67 NPS Score with 95% Client retention

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