Azure DevOps

Published: 24 Nov 2022

Azure DevOps: 9 Trending Features for Digital Businesses

Last Updated: 11 Oct 2023

Table of Contents
  1. What is Azure DevOps
  2. Benefits of Adopting DevOps Azure for Digital Businesses
  3. Nine Trending Features of Azure DevOps
  4. Conclusion
  5. How Can Tx Help with DevOps Azure Adoption?

What is Azure DevOps

Overview of Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps, earlier known as Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), is a DevOps service offered by Microsoft. The service is based on the Azure cloud computing platform that collaborates Dev, IT, QA, and Security to release better apps faster. Azure DevOps enables businesses to adopt a DevOps culture, the latest practices, and advanced tools to respond better to customer needs and stay ahead of the competition.

Today, Microsoft’s Azure DevOps Server is a trending cloud application development environment. Like most CI/CD platforms, Azure DevOps provides version control, reporting, project management, test automation in agile, build automation, and testing features.

Benefits of Adopting DevOps Azure for Digital Businesses

benefits of azure devops

With the rising popularity of Azure DevOps, digital businesses are adopting the server to make significant improvements in their existing operations. Here are the critical benefits leveraged by businesses with Azure DevOps adoption:

Promotes Innovation:

Azure DevOps adoption results in enhanced business productivity and streamlined processes. This enables more time for the technical departments to research and develop new ideas. The more time a company has to improvise and innovate, the more possibility it has to grow its business.

Enables Quicker Development Cycles:

New business processes, systems, and apps may be quickly deployed using DevOps techniques.  As a result, DevOps deployment leads to more productive business processes, as when teams collaborate on the projects, the associated processes move more quickly. This allows companies to release the apps on time and with lesser to no bugs.

Enhances Team Collaboration:

DevOps enhances communication and cooperation between multiple departments. Teams gradually develop better work relationships within departments. With Azure DevOps implementation, the organization benefits from employees’ productivity through effective collaboration.

Improves End-User Experience:

A digital business is able to provide the business customer quick service if it can swiftly build proprietary solutions. This suggests that using DevOps will enhance your company’s ability to serve customers.

Provides Operational Flexibility:

With safe access to the environment from any location via any device, the Azure DevOps environment gives more flexibility to the teams. Azure DevOps is an incredible tool if a digital business has multiple locations or the team members work remotely.

Saves Time And Money:

The most crucial resources for a business are time and money. In many cases, you can’t afford to waste your resources on products that will only increase your workload. For instance, your business must allocate funds for the necessary infrastructure, server upkeep, and operating system licenses if TFS or other DevOps servers are run locally.

Enables faster problem-solving capabilities:

Enterprises can quickly try to resolve issues with the help of Microsoft Azure DevOps. The ability to resolve the issue in a short amount of time has many benefits. However, process issues may result in severe financial losses for your company. Business losses are avoided when issues are rapidly resolved and progress is made more quickly. Azure DevOps improves your company’s capacity for problem-solving. For all of your business operations, Azure DevOps produces a beneficial improvement.

Nine Trending Features of Azure DevOps

Trending Features of DevOps Azure

Stand-Alone Installation:

Azure DevOps may be installed on a local server to implement the similar features available with Azure Cloud. Microsoft Azure DevOps is an asset for organizations that need a reliable and robust DevOps framework. It promotes a work culture which enhances collaboration throughout the organization.


A single user can be associated with more than one organization and may store the artifacts and code set related to their application. The owner can assign customized permissions, set up security policies, and check individual account billing.


Azure DevOps enables engineers to implement different processes based on Scrum or Agile as per the requirements of the team or project across the organization.

Pipeline Templates:

The pipeline templates available in Azure DevOps can be executed by the user using locally hosted agents or Azure cloud-hosted agents. Depending on the project’s requirements, the templates may be customized as YAML templates.

Azure Artifacts:

Azure DevOps API enables the teams to quickly package the dependencies and other artifacts needed for the deployment and functionality of the application. It makes it simple to distribute and use the application. It offers integrated package management and supports package feeds from public or private sources for Python, Maven, and NuGet.

Resource-Based Access:

It is possible to customize individual project settings within the organization according to the team’s requirements. Resource-based access can also be implemented through Azure DevOps’ permission policy.


Users can integrate the app with third-party applications like JIRA, Github or other tool sets using a service connection. The Azure DevOps service offers support for direct integration with Azure Cloud, AWS, and GCP for app deployment using the service connections.

Azure Boards & Repo:

Azure Boards provide interactive and customized tools for better project management. Boards and Repo enables the creation of custom dashboards as per the project requirements. Azure Repo provides a set of version control tools for managing the code sets and tracking the code changes over time.

Azure Test Plans:

Azure Test Plans are a collection of robust and effective tools for application testing, including manual and continuous DevOps testing. It offers a comprehensive solution for scheduled and exploratory testing.


Digital businesses can get custom tools made for them by directly integrating open-source tools into Azure. Azure’s infrastructure as code, continuous monitoring, and continuous integration can all be coupled to the Azure DevOps platform to give a company everything it requires in a single, tightly integrated package. Azure DevOps is an all-in-one platform that enables Dev, QA, and Ops teams to collaborate on projects of all shapes and sizes by providing an exclusive set of features and services that can be leveraged by beginners and experts alike.

How Can Tx Help with DevOps Azure Adoption?

How Can Tx Help with DevOps Azure Adoption

TestingXperts (Tx) empowers digital businesses in Canada, as well as worldwide, with an Enterprise DevOps Transformation by automating all their processes to deliver robust and faster releases.Our clients experience improved team collaboration leading to improved operations, security, and performance testing as a part of our standard DevOps and cloud service offerings, along with delivering cost-effectiveness across the engagement.

TestingXperts Canada has developed a wealth of experience leveraging industry-leading practices to implement a wide range of business solutions, including Azure DevOps services canada. Our highly experienced agile and DevOps testing fortify our ability to manage projects efficiently with increased consistency, decreased risk, and enhanced quality.

Our DevOps Consulting & Implementation Services:

Our DevOps practices include a practical methodology with an integrated approach that consists of action-based forward and backward traceability of debugging, delivery management, provisioning of resources, and automation tools integration. All these are successfully taken up by our DevOps engineers and DevOps experts and ensure the below benefits to enterprises.

Helps to implement optimized software development processes to optimize application delivery

Ensure teams develop quality software with assured faster releases

Delivers improved code with better team collaboration which leads to faster time-to-production

Ensures code quality assessments along with code security

Delivers a pragmatic approach to your DevOps adoption

Improves business bottom line with well-defined automation in place

Cost optimization is assured with reduced operational costs

Brings you best practices from the industry for successful DevOps implementations

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