Preventing Cyber-Security Breaches via Security testing services

Published: 29 Jan 2018

Oldest Canadian Telecom Company Experienced Another Data Breach. Is your Data Secure?

Last Updated: 06 Jun 2024

Bell Canada shocked the world by experiencing second hack in just eight months. Hacker stole data from up to 100,000 Bell Canada customers, leaving customers under enormous stress. Bell is Canada’s one of the largest and oldest telecom company, with over 22 million customers. This breach happened twice in eight months, prompting an RCMP investigation into the breach at Canada’s largest telecommunications company.

Cybersecurity Facts

BCE Inc. confirmed on Tuesday, i.e., January 23, 2018, that hackers got hold of ‘fewer than 100,000′ customers’ information, including names and email addresses. This followed a hack in May 2017 when 1.9 million email addresses and about 1,700 names and phone numbers were stolen from Bell’s database. –Courtesy: Financial Post

From leaking debit card details to attacking global enterprises and institutional systems, cyber-attacks have become a substantial part of our political and social discourse. Every day there is fresh news of cyber-attack that gets people in distress. The last WannaCry Ransomware virus attacked global enterprises and institutional systems and panicked every mobile application user. This repeated again on Jan 23, 2018 with Bell Canada paying the price.

Cybersecurity: The Inevitable Need


Cybersecurity has become more than just a concern for businesses these days. Gone are the days, when cybersecurity was perceived as a reactionary measure to be taken after the incident had occurred. Nowadays with the growing awareness and knowledge, businesses have realized the importance of securing their data.

Viruses and bugs attacking the digital space are getting stronger; intensifying the need for an extensive security strategy. Companies and individuals today are in dire need to build software/applications that are thoroughly tested for the data security and are, at the same time, competent enough to alert users against any possible cyber-attack.

After all these incidents, it is evident that such attacks will only grow in the days to come. Companies and individuals should realize the need to build software/applications that are thoroughly tested for their security. At the same time, should be competent enough to alert the users against any possible cyber-attack.

Cybersecurity experts and specialists from the industry are saying that such attacks on the internet will continue to propagate and intimidate the core presence of web in the global sphere. So, the question remains – can such cyber-attacks be hindered or totally choked with anti-virus programs, or is there a need for a comprehensive Security Testing Strategy

Solution: TestingXperts’ Security Testing Services

Security testing service exposes weaknesses and threats to the security mechanisms of the applications under the context that maintain functionality and protect data as envisioned. It involves a wide range of testing segments like penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, security auditing, posture assessment, security scanning, risk assessment, and ethical hacking.

application security testing services

Over the past years, TestingXperts has built test accelerators, capabilities, and knowledge repository and is working on more than 150 engagements using the latest industry standards such as OWASP and proprietary testing methodologies. TestingXperts offers a comprehensive security analysis supported by dashboards, wide-ranging reports, along with remedial measures for all issues found. TestingXperts has deep expertise in security testing for mobile applications, web applications, web services, and software products. Connect with us to discuss how TestingXperts can bring more value to your business with enhanced security testing techniques.

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