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Published: 24 Jul 2017

How important is Performance Engineering for Better Business Outputs

Last Updated: 09 Jan 2024

Companies have been investing significantly in building next-generation platforms and products using new technologies. However, most companies leave the assurance for performance and scalability for quite late in the development cycle or do not test enough. This could lead to disruption in services and can profoundly impact the brand image, customer loyalty, and revenue.

1. Performance Testing Failures
2. Performance Testing challenges are given below
3. Why Performance Engineering
4. Performance Engineering Benefits
5. How TestingXPerts’ Help?


Performance Testing Failures


If a website is undergoing poor performance, customers will have no choice but to explore alternate channels. As a good website experience is like a worthy brand, once lost, it becomes challenging to retain the customers.

Considering the importance of speed-to-market for the success of the enterprise, businesses need the right tools, processes, and skills for an agile delivery. This is where optimal performance engineering and testing comes into the picture and helps your enterprise stay ahead of the curve. Without an innovative, comprehensive, and automated performance testing solution, businesses struggle to overcome the challenges of poor application performance, all of which can adversely impact the brand value and business revenue.

Performance Testing challenges are given below:

• Performance optimization of various products, platforms, devices, and technologies

• Comprehensive shift from conventional models to continuous delivery

• Shrinking timelines and budgets while providing high-quality service

• Maximizing performance of the existing infrastructure

• Early forecast of system performance

• Dearth of modernization and automation for delivery

• Testing unique application procedures that are not supported by conventional tools

• Transformation from performance testing to performance engineering

Why Performance Engineering

A mature Performance Engineering and Testing, with its major benefits, can help you meet the challenges posed by the consequences of a poorly performing application. A flawless performance test sets can identify the health of the system under all possible circumstances keeping every necessary parameter in mind.

Performance Engineering Benefits

Ensure that your application won’t fail on Black Friday

Some of the additional benefits of Performance Engineering and Testing are given below:

• Increased revenue & profits with better conversions

• Enhanced experience & quality from a user’s perspective

• Assured customer satisfaction

• Reduced system and hardware costs

• Reduced cost of change related to performance tuning

• Early detection of application defects

How TestingXPerts’ Help?

TestingXperts’ comprehensive Performance Engineering Services is consistent in increasing business revenues and reducing costs. TestingXperts (Tx) helps in benchmarking the application performance and helps you identify all business-critical scenarios for performance testing. By setting up of online monitoring solutions, Tx helps its customers determine the extent of availability and reliability of the application, while inculcating mechanisms to continuously improve application performance. Your systems need to be resilient enough to meet your growing business demands and our performance experts help you achieve that with certainty and in a cost-effective manner.

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