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Published: 01 May 2017

Mobile App Automation: How Appium can add Value to your Application

Last Updated: 15 Sep 2022

Mobile is undoubtedly the biggest medium to reach consumers and the credit for this revolution goes to the arrival of smartphones. Smartphones have brought businesses with unprecedented access to their consumer base by introducing consumer friendly mobile applications and organizations are slowly moving towards digitizing most of their user touch points.

Contents 1. Appium: Coss-platform Solution for Mobile Test Automation 2. Why Appium? 3. Things to be aware of? 4. Conclusion

There is a stiff competition between organizations to be the first one to offer new functions and features to consumers and this requires fast-paced IT efforts at their end. This is further complicated due to consumers using different devices and platforms access the mobile apps. So, in order to be deliver apps faster and to all your consumers, it is important that organizations deploy test automation solutions which can work swiftly across all platforms.

Appium: Coss-platform Solution for Mobile Test Automation

Appium is an open-source, cross-platform, mobile app automation testing using appium tool to automate testing for hybrid, native, and mobile web applications. Appium has become one of the best test automation solutions for mobile apps and games. It is an open-source test automation framework that supports iOS and Android on real devices as well as emulators and simulators. Unlike a lot of other mobile test automation tools, Appium doesn’t require the application to be re-compiled with an extra agent.

This ensures your app doesn’t change while testing and you can be more confident of the testing being done. It enables you to script your test cases in multiple languages including Java, Ruby, C#, etc. and gives you the flexibility to design your framework accordingly.

Why Appium?

• The main advantage of Appium is that the complexities are taken under the hood by the Appium server. The whole experience for the automation developer would remain the same irrespective of the platform he uses (Android or iOS).

• Appium helps in opening the doors to cross-platform mobile testing, which helps in working on multiple platforms. Also enables re-usability of automation code across iOS and Android

• It has the ability to automate hybrid, web and native mobile applications.

• Unlike other tools, Appium does not necessitate in including extra agents in your application to make it automation friendly.

• Helps you keep automation costs low since it is open source

Things to be aware of?

• Appium does not support Android mobile devices with a version lower than 4.2

• Speed of execution is slow when testing for iOS on real devices

• It may be difficult to test iOS apps on the local server as Appium only trusts OS X libraries to support iOS testing

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