Published: 08 Aug 2017

Enable a Future-Ready Global Enterprise with a Core-Flex Model

Last Updated: 23 Aug 2022

Business enterprises across the globe are facing common challenges of unpredictability in their business environment, augmented client expectations, technology upgrades. As the business grows, a company’s QA needs do not grow in the same linear fashion. There are peaks and valleys in staffing needs. Businesses that try to manage these needs with internal staffing solutions encounter  challenges such as

– Overstaffing during the valleys – resulting in wasted cost – Understaffing during the peak – longer time to market, resulting in lost opportunity – Pulling non-QA resources into to QA – resulting in opportunity cost (i.e. not doing the other work) and a dip in quality as they are not professional testers – Trying to manage with contractors – resulting in higher training costs and brain drain because as soon as you invest in training someone, the contract ends.  On the next peak, you end up with a different resource, resulting in the need to train a new resource.

Core-Flex Model: The Solution

An independent software testing provider helps clients solve the above challenges with a Core-Flex model. A Core-flex model consists of a dedicated core team that provides business knowledge and process continuity and flex teams that enable rapid scalability to support real-world business dynamics. Implementing a Core-Flex model with an independent QA partner allows companies to maximize productivity of QA and optimize QA expenditures.  In addition, the client can “plug and play” resources with niche skills (performance, big data, API, accessibility, multi-lingual) when needed and roll those resources off when they are not.


TestingXperts’ Core-Flex Model

TestingXperts’ Core-Flex model provides a mechanism to ramp up and down resources to match your needs quickly. In this model, we train an initial team (core team) and additional resources to the address peak team size and specialized skills that may be required (Flex team). On a week by week basis, we coordinate with our clients to ramp up and down the team to match their testing needs. Our clients have the advantage to only pay for resources that they have actually used. The benefits of TestingXperts’ core-flex model include:

– Elasticity in staffing – No brain-drain from resources – Costs aligned with business need – Access to niche testing skills when needed

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