Published: 28 Jun 2017

Digital Assurance: The Key to Ensuring Optimal Business Growth

Last Updated: 30 Dec 2022

The digitization of everything has been disrupting processes, business models, and strategies. Amidst this change, time-to-market, cost, and customer experience are the three constants that are topping the corporate stakeholder agenda. Though their priority order keeps on changing over time, customer experience holds the top most priority these days. These changes in priority and focus are now gradually but certainly rippling into quality assurance (QA). Traditionally, QA was meant to just validate the functionality of the software, hardware or networking components, with no receptiveness to the customer experience. However, in this modern phase, customer experience represents the brand, the company and resources inside it.

Contents 1. Digital Assurance Solutions 2. So, what is Digital Assurance exactly? 3. How important is Digital Assurance for Business Growth? 4. Tx Solution – Tx4Sure (Digital Assurance Framework)


Digital Assurance Solutions

This shift is forcing QA organizations to think, from inception, the social and psychological impacts of customer experience that the company’s services deliver, concurrently with functionalities under development. To expand the digital business agenda, QA organizations are breaking loose from their traditional bug testing shackles and embracing frictionless, full-lifecycle automation and a continuous delivery approach. A continuous delivery approach ensures quality from the beginning, enabling delivery of enhanced customer experiences.

Another change in QA is that though it has always focused on value delivery, the intention has shifted to accelerated time-to-value. This new attitude portrays that if it is done right first time, there is no need to validate. Emerging methodologies and technologies have presented both challenges and opportunities to this objective; hence, a digital assurance testing strategy is essential to the QA function. It will not only ensure successful digital transformation but will also help in optimizing IT budgets.


So, what is Digital Assurance exactly?


Digital Assurance addresses the multifaceted needs of digital testing. It is a set of quality assurance practices, ensuring smooth collaborations between various components of digital ecosystems including connected processes, people, and things cutting across the Mobile, Social, and Analytics. Becoming a fully Digital Enterprise is the critical need, today, and the digital assurance practices have also become crucial for an organization considering complexities of the environment.


How important is Digital Assurance for Business Growth?


Increased Agility: Newer technologies are being adopted at a faster pace with the digital revolution. Organizations are also trying to cope-up with this revolution with the help of new and sometimes unproven technologies. For QA teams to support this efficiently, teams need to be agile and quick to learn. Though automation has been the key enabler to increase test effectiveness; it should not be limited to just test execution. Efficiency needs to be built into the testing process by a combination of accelerators, tools, and a perfect digital assurance strategy in place.

Managed Complexities: The main QA challenge faced by the organizations today is the increasing complexities of the application landscape. A holistic assurance strategy encompasses all aspects of validation, which optimizes the changing application landscape.


Enhanced Customer Experience: Assured and enhanced customer experience is an essential aspect of every digital assurance initiative. Technology is the catalyst for change, is helping enhance the customer and end user experience. A good customer experience helps in maintaining business continuity, with the help of various technologies, it has become easier to identify and recognize whether the customer is happy with your services or not.

Tx Solution – Tx4Sure (Digital Assurance Framework)

An organization can only stay competitive when they leverage new technologies and practices. With technology platforms getting obsolete at a rapid pace, there is a constant need to reinvent. In such a scenario, Digital Transformation has proved to be a catalyst, and the only way to achieve this objective is by having a digital assurance strategy in place. TestingXperts’ Digital Assurance Framework ‘Tx4Sure’ helps address various needs of digital transformation testing. Connect with us to transform your business into a digitallyassured business.

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