Published: 08 May 2017

Accelerate Digital Transformation with DevOps

Last Updated: 05 Jun 2024

What is Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the way organizations are managing internal processes as well as delivering services to customers. Organizations in this digital age are more agile in adapting to change in order to innovate at the speed of business. As cloud-native enterprises use software to build new business models, disrupt, and digitally transform their respective industries, DevOps is becoming the culture to enable this change.

DevOps and Digital Transformation

DevOps has helped minimize barrier between developers and operations and made it easier for the applications to be built and deployed quickly for use. While developers focus on building modern solutions with better user experience, operations fixate on providing stability for site availability. Due to the difference in the focus of work, a gap can exist in both the departments. By adopting DevOps methodology, the conflict between developers and operations can be reduced. However, it requires a cultural shift to address the application behavior proactively rather than at the time of deployment.

The need for speed has been the key driver for DevOps adoption. In the era of digitalization, software is the source of variation, and DevOps is the key to accelerate development and delivery of software. However, not many companies have fully realized the direct connection between speeding up the DevOps implementation and accelerating the whole journey of digital transformation. If you are not able to accelerate the software testing, development, release cycles, and change management, the entire transformation schedule will hit a roadblock.

So, the question arises – How to accelerate DevOps in order to expedite the business outcomes of digital transformation. Given below are three key suggestions as an early point.

Steps to Accelerate DevOps with Digital Transformation

1. Approach DevOps from a business perspective: DevOps can help you increase business benefits such as increased revenues, improved customer experience, lower operational costs, etc.

2. Automate everything you can: All kinds of release management activities such as static code analysis, development, testing, and deployment should be automated using scripts and tools. This would greatly improve the quality of deliverable.

3. Get the precise response you need for continuous improvement:DevOps with a focus on continuous improvement can catapult a company’s capability to deliver software effectively.

Continuous Testing with Continuous Quality

DevOps and Digital Transformation: Key to Business Success

In a business environment, DevOps is the key to superior business results. If you want to expedite your journey to DevOps, you need to get proper guidance from a technology-agnostic partner with DevOps expertise on a global scale. TestingXperts’ with its matured DevOps QA practices and global experience in software testing, can help you create a QA strategy for your DevOps journey to accelerate your digital transformation.

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