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Published: 09 Oct 2017

6 Most Effective Ways to Build Business Agility

Last Updated: 06 Jun 2024

Today’s fast-paced technology-centric world presents opportunities and threats at every turn. It has become challenging to practice agile development no matter how big or small an organization you are. To become sustainable in this disruptive environment, agility is key.

Let us have a look at the 6 most effective ways an organization can achieve business agility.

How to bring Agility into your organization and how to survive?

1. Scalability To deliver customer satisfaction, there is a need for a reliable value-delivery engine aligned with top business priorities, giving you fast and predictable implementation across the entire software development lifecycle. Waterfall teams are unable to deliver faster, as required by the enterprises these days.

2. Performance Bringing agility into your organization means sensing and adapting to change rapidly and confidently. Building responsiveness into your organization’s DNA is important, in order to take a disciplined approach to managing change, for which business agility is critical. Delivery is the origin for bringing agility. Improving cycle time can significantly affect your end result. Agility helps in fulfilling customer requirements early and often, assuring that you are building the right products.

3. Adaptive Planning Funding and scope are two key factors that can allow your business to move and build responsiveness. Establishing a consistent planning speed can help enterprises decrease risk and increase investor confidence.

4. Growth It is observed that most enterprises spend approximately 15% of their budget on innovation. However, highly effective organizations allocate at least 50% of their budget on growth initiatives. By increasing speed, productivity and quality, you can spend fewer resources on fixing bugs, technical debt and refactoring. Agility helps in making the right decisions with confidence.

5. Bring Change In order to nurture growth and innovation, it is important to follow a deliberate approach to investments in innovation. Business agility helps in connecting horizon investments and disciplined exploration with the principle of fail fast and fail cheap.

6. Organize around Customer Value It is important to connect with the market, customers and stakeholders. For this, breaking down functional silos is important, as it helps in improving collaboration, minimizing dependencies and reducing waste. It helps in allowing you to respond to opportunities and threats rapidly and confidently.

Scaling helps in organizing around customer value at the delivery level by creating teams that are aligned with common release objectives. Scaling also helps in ensuring the business to identify the true value of your agile developments.

Shift Left & Shift Right Software Testing Approach for Quality & Agility


Organizations with few teams to have mastered agile development are not truly realizing the benefits of business agility. In order to continue and succeed as an agile testing business, the organization must link execution work to business strategy, develop plans for inline scaling and comprehensive adaptive planning. TestingXperts can help you manage along value streams, instead of legacy systems, to reduce dependencies and allow for accurate, adaptive planning.

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