Published: 05 Nov 2018

5 Key Aspects to Consider Before Outsourcing QA and Software Testing

Last Updated: 23 Aug 2022

Contents 1. Outsourcing QA and Software Testing 2. Aspects to Consider Before Outsourcing QA Services 3. Conclusion

Outsourcing QA and Software Testing

Digital transformation and continuous shift to agile and DevOps management models are transforming how QA and testing are carried out. Digitization of businesses has augmented focus on software testing within the SDLC, and this dependency has increased the costs of testing, infrastructure, and skill sets that are needed to implement them. This is the main reason for the increasing demand to outsource software testing.

The customers require strategy, best practices, expertise, infrastructure and resources to bring efficiency in the software testing methodology. Let us have a look at some crucial aspects to consider before outsourcing software testing.

Aspects to Consider Before Outsourcing QA Services

Quality Assurance Outsourcing Services

1. Expertise

While selecting a Quality Assurance and Software Testing company, there are various questions to ask yourself to identify the right service provider. Does the partner hold an appropriate experience? Does the partner have required client-communication procedures? Matching up your requirements with the proficiency of a partner is critical. The partner should also have readily-available resources to meet your needs.

2. A Balance of Cost and Skills

The budget is a significant aspect to consider. However, it should not result in hiring amateur resources. It is suggested to not take decisions solely based on cost factors. Because hiring amateurs oftentimes leads to more issues and a significant increase in cost.

3. Thought-leadership

One of the most important aspects while choosing a QA company should be its proficiency and subject matter expertise in QA and testing. It is important that the company has its own set of IPs, in-house accelerators, proper research and is readily investing in new trends.

4. Reputation in the market

The credibility and relevance of the testing partner are crucial. Proper research on the company’s leadership and reputation in the market should be checked before offering the project to a company.

5. Ethical conduct

Picking a partner with great values and good ethical conduct is important. The partner should display a responsible attitude and give you confidence that the partner would advise on the right strategies and guide you through times of issues or failures. Checking for customer references may be a good idea to validate the credentials.

Hence, the partner should come as a complete package to be able to service your outsourced QA activities. TestingXperts’ highly-skilled QA and software testing engineers are well-equipped with the latest test testing tools, trends, and methodologies. With customized and client-centric engagement models by Tx, enterprises get required flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Outsourcing Quality Assurance Services


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