RPA Testing UK

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the best-fit technology for today’s businesses that allows configuring a robot to integrate into human actions to effectively execute repeatable business processes. Evidently, for enterprises, this technology helps to boost operational efficiency by automating repetitive business processes with a software bot, thus eliminating human intervention.

The global RPA market size has been valued at $1.40 B in 2019 and is expected to reach $11 B by 2027. Most of the CXOs across the globe are adopting this technology for saving costs and for improving their business efficiency using these RPA bots. Moreover, organisations across domains of healthcare, insurance, banking, etc. are reaping immense benefits from implementing RPA.


Some of the industry segments RPA bots can be leveraged are:

  • Insurance sector for processing of claims, insurance premium clearances, etc.
  • Telecom sector for service order management and more
  • Travel industry for passenger ticket booking, detailed accounting, etc.
  • Retail sector for sales calculations, customer order tracking, etc.

Evidently, for these RPA robots to perform seamlessly, they should be tested effectively to ensure they are seamless in performing their tasks. Moreover, as these RPA implementations usually consist of heterogeneous applications, components, and technologies that run on multiple operating systems, hence enabling end-to-end testing is essential.

TestingXperts has expertise in enabling RPA testing services in UK with in-house RPA certified testing specialists. Our teams follow a well-articulated RPA testing process to test robots leveraging both Functional and Non-Functional testing. We follow a proper automation testing strategy starting from test data creation to triggering the bot and ensure these bots work articulated as per the business process validations for which they are leveraged. We also perform testing leveraging open source and commercial automation testing tools to ensure bots effective performance.

Our RPA Testing Process

  • Analyse and understand the requirements in detail
  • Identify required automated testing requirements
  • Prepare test data
  • Create test cases and scripts
  • Execute test cases by enabling automation scripting by leveraging automation tools
  • Validate data as per the tests
  • Analyse and deliver reports

Functional Testing of RPA Bots

Our testers perform bot testing by taking into consideration all scenarios including invoked automatic activities in real-time, so as to ensure, bots perform seamlessly as per the defined business processes. The bots are tested leveraging automation tools extensively to handle exceptions also as these bots need to perform seamlessly even while exceptions arise as they perform business processes.

Performance Testing of RPA Bots

Bots performance plays a key role in evaluating and identifying the time bots take to complete automated business processes. Our performance testers in UK identify and validate bot performance related to business processes leveraging automated performance testing tools. Also monitor bot utilisation time and identifies issues if any and ensures bot performs seamlessly.


Benefits for businesses with our RPA Testing Services

  • Ensures faster test creation & test execution
  • Ensures lesser maintenance effort with overall 30% cost savings
  • End-to-end testing of processes and BOTs
  • As tasks are automated, the process involves minimal workforce

TestingXperts Differentiators

  • A team of certified RPA testing professionals
  • Experience in testing bots using the best methods and processes
  • Assures quicker ROI with optimised bot performance

Connect with our next-gen RPA certified testing professionals to know more about our RPA services in UK.