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The dynamics of the software world is changing rapidly. Frequent changes and enhancements have become critical to the success of any application or software. However, every time a developer modifies or brings changes to any software (during or after the software development process), there are high chances of having unexpected consequences that may have affected the existing functionalities. Therefore, it is critical to ensure that these changes do not impede or break other unrelated parts of existing applications.

Performing regression testing is a reliable way to ensure that the applications remain defect-free even after frequent changes. It also ensures that the recent changes have not broken any existing functionality. It helps to find bugs in a new software release and to ensure that the previous bugs are fixed.

  • Multiple platform automation
  • Risk-based regression
  • Parallel execution to save time
  • Faster functionality coverage with Unit and API tests
  • Performance impact analysis
  • Continuous Testing methodologies

Our DevOps ready integrated test automation framework ‘Tx-Automate’ comprises of techniques and practices to reduce automation test cycle time. Moreover, our quality assurance service offerings consist of a unique blend of best-in-class methods and algorithms. Our systematic testing approach minimizes disruption while keeping the QA costs under control.

At TestingXperts, we have employed an iterative method to test several aspects of the updated software application. We follow an Agile approach which supports us in handling unexpected software behavior.

Regression tests can be performed manually in small cases. However, in most cases, reiterating a suite of tests each time an application is updated can become a time-consuming task. Therefore automated testing tools are required.

Our  Automated Regression Testing Services are based on the standard of achieving excellent regression of Application Under Test (AUT). This is achieved by utilizing various regression test cases and regression testing tools:

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TestingXperts supports a spectrum of regression testing services:

regression testing Services
  • Software Regression Testing
  • System Integration Regression Testing
  • Functional Regression Testing
  • Automated Regression Testing
  • End-to-End Regression Testing

TestingXperts’ cost-effective regression testing model in UK helps QA teams to deliver a reasonable balance between test selection and fault detection


TestingXperts Differentiators

regression testing company

TestingXperts QA team is offering its clients regression testing services across all verticals.

  • Gap analysis to recognise risk areas with the right testing approach to optimise speed.
  • Effective regression test suites cycles with controlled costs to minimise maintenance expenditure on bug fixes while improving test quality.
  • An efficient regression solution with diversified functional coverage on multiple platforms to cover all areas of AUT.
  • Structured schedule for better processing to minimise risks of defect leakage.
  • Significant reduction in time to market for software launch.
  • Detailed automation assessment carried out with a clear automation strategy, roadmap and RoI using Tx-Automation ROI Calculator.