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GDPR Compliance Testing Services

The world is shrinking with technology and more enterprises are rolling out products across geographies to address a global customer base. However, enterprises need the confidence that their product will meet the language and functionality requirements of the local users in the specific regions. They also need the right approach to scale operations optimally across geographies and deliver product in the shortest possible time-to-market. The acceptance of an application rests primarily on how its users perceive it. Critical to that success is the application’s ability to integrate seamlessly with the native language and the cultural landscape of the target market.

GDPR Compliance Testing serviceS

The compliance will be an important undertaking for all enterprises, failing of which can lead to a fine of up to 4 percent of the worldwide turnover or 20 million Euro whichever is higher. GDPR is more than just a regulatory compliance—it is an opportunity to build trust, drive customer centricity and create new business opportunities.

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GDPR: How TestingXperts can help

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Whether you are having an established privacy program or just beginning the GDPR implementation process, TestingXperts can help you with your GDPR compliance journey.

TestingXperts is well-equipped with the right strategies and practical insights to ensure your privacy program is GDPR-compliant within the stipulated time.

Why TestingXperts for GDPR

  • TestingXperts (Tx) has experienced consultants & subject matter experts who review the company’s data handling processes, restructure them to meet compliance, and identify potential efficiency gains.
  • Tx’s risk-based approach with the right tools and approaches help in recognizing the impact of GDPR.
  • Having its presence in UK and Netherlands, Tx has a location advantage.
  • Tx has a cost-optimized solution for Small & Medium business.