GDPR Compliance Testing Services

GDPR Compliance Testing Services

GDPR will come into force on 25th May 2018. It is a European Union-wide framework for the protection of personal data of the individuals in Europe. Most organisations that process personal data for EU residents (whether as customers, contractors or employees) will have to comply with the GDPR by May 25th, 2018. After May 2018, organisations processing personal data will be held more responsible for their data collection and use than ever before.

The compliance will be an important undertaking for all enterprises, failing of which can lead to a fine of up to 4 percent of the worldwide turnover or 20 million Euro whichever is higher. GDPR is more than just a regulatory compliance—it is an opportunity to build trust, drive customer centricity and create new business opportunities.

Who all are affected by GDPR?

This compliance applies to all  businesses within and outside of the EU, conducting automated processing of personal data for individuals within the EU.

You must comply with GDPR even if you are distantly doing business in Europe or you are serving the EU clients.

GDPR: How TestingXperts can help

Whether you are having an established privacy program or just beginning the GDPR implementation process, TestingXperts can help you with your GDPR compliance journey. TestingXperts is well-equipped with the right strategies and practical insights to ensure your privacy program is GDPR-compliant within the stipulated time.

1. GDPR Awareness and Assessment
• Top level awareness
• Employee awareness
• Employee training programs
• Consulting & organizational designs
• Review organizational processes.

2. GDPR IT Review
• Infrastructure review
• Application architecture review
• Information architecture review
• Review systems architecture
• Deployment of behavioral analytics/other automated tools

3. Policy Document Review
• Privacy procedure
• Review consent process
• International data transfer procedure
• Complaints procedure
• Retention of records procedure

Why TestingXperts for GDPR

  • TestingXperts (Tx) has experienced consultants & subject matter experts who review the company’s data handling processes, restructure them to meet compliance, and identify potential efficiency gains.
  • Tx’s risk-based approach with the right tools and approaches help in recognizing the impact of GDPR.
  • Having its presence in UK and Netherlands, Tx has a location advantage
  • Tx has a cost-optimized solution for Small & Medium business