Mar 2014

TestingXperts selected as Independent Test Partner

TestingXperts, a global leader in independent software testing services announces that it has entered into a multi-year, multi-million dollar independent Software Testing agreement with a leading Software Company based in New York, USA.

As part of the engagement, TestingXperts will deliver a range of cost effective testing services including end to end product testing, through its resources who will be based client’s office and TestingXperts lab in India. Also TestingXperts will strictly follow PCI compliance in order to ensure confidence and security of highest level.

The client provides a proprietary booking management software for their end clients spread across 80 countries. The software undergoes customizations for every different client depending upon their requirements and thus has to undergo rigorous testing before every release.

TestingXperts will initially assist them in manual testing along with performance testing. Over the period of time test automation with also be implemented in order to ensure higher test coverage and faster time to market.

“Today the consumer demands faster response and improved information technology quality for managing their businesses and TestingXperts quality will ensure more competitiveness for the client”

Informed Joe Underwood Vice President Sales

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