Oct 2021

TestingXperts Partners with Sofy to Deliver Ultra-fast No-code Mobile QA Platform

PA, USA | October 12, 2021

TestingXperts, a leading next-gen QA & software testing services provider has partnered with Sofy, the No. 1 AI-powered no-code quality automation platform. TestingXperts will be a premier global channel partner of Sofy, offering an ultra-fast no-code mobile QA platform and enabling their customers to release apps in hours instead of days by augmenting testers with automation capabilities.

TestingXperts will create a dedicated mobile lab called Tx-Device Hub powered by Sofy, which helps TestingXperts’ clients use Sofy’s QA automation tools on TestingXperts’ vast library of devices. Engineering or QA Teams can also access a local hybrid lab with on-premises or local devices that allow them to test their apps on hundreds of devices before a release, ensuring a great user experience and the ability to release features within hours with high confidence. This solution is the best of both worlds with dedicated, privately owned devices to ensure the highest level of security and availability, combined with the flexibility and efficiency of remote access and Sofy’s technology. Mobile engineering teams can now say goodbye to the old, siloed days of quality assurance; all their testing and reporting tools are now available as part of one platform that seamlessly integrates with the development cycle. Engineers can now upload a build directly from their CI/CD pipeline and automatically get bugs or issues reported in a project management tool.

Sofy is a quality automation platform built to manage the entire lifecycle of quality assurance within the context of and integrating with, the DevOps cycle. It is built on the five core pillars of QA testing: test planning, test development, test labs, test execution, and test reporting. Mobile teams manage end-to-end quality using a single platform. Engineers can simply come into their platform, grab a device and start testing; there is no need to create environments or make scripts for specific devices. Sofy’s customers include Microsoft, British Telecom, Forrester, CoinMe, and 2500+ app companies. They help engineering teams release better quality apps within a few hours using a Device Lab and automate testing without writing a single line of code.

Syed Hamid, CEO of Sofy, commented on the partnership, “TestingXperts is the leader in the QA services category. This partnership validates our approach that writing automation code is best left to the platform and testers should focus on testing their app. TestingXperts will not only help us spread the innovations we have in the Sofy platform to the broad reach of customers that TestingXperts have but also their years of expertise in QA.  I am excited about this partnership and its benefits to our mutual customers.”

Joe Underwood, CRO of TestingXperts, added, “We are excited to become a premier global channel partner of Sofy, pioneers of AI-powered no-code quality automation platform. We are eager to deliver next-gen testing services to our global clientele leveraging Tx’s dedicated mobile lab (Tx-Device Hub Powered by Sofy). This partnership will enable an ultra-fast no-code mobile QA platform that will accelerate the release of mobile apps and will further strengthen our position as a leader in the mobile testing services market.”

About TestingXperts

TestingXperts is a Next-Gen QA & Software Testing Services provider, co-headquartered in Mechanicsburg, PA in USA and London, UK, with offices in Netherlands, Singapore, and India. TestingXperts’ suite of testing services covers Test Advisory, Functional and Non-Functional testing specializing in Automation, Digital, RPA, DevOps, Agile, Web, Mobility, IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, etc. TestingXperts help clients globally transform their QA function to achieve zero production defects, reduce QA cycle times up to 80% and lower overall QA costs up to 60% with its Next-Gen Testing Solutions, Modern Testing Approach, Skilled Teams, and a Global Delivery Model.

About Sofy

Sofy is a no-code test automation platform that uses AI-powered testing to empower QA testers to “create once and run anywhere” tests without writing a single line of code. Run manual and automated UI testing and exploratory tests and easily ensure fidelity between your test and production environments while saving thousands of hours of coding. Sofy was founded in 2016, was part of 500 startups, and has saved more than one million developer hours.

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