Mar 2020

TestingXperts strategizes AI, Automation and DevOps as way forward in Global Leadership Meet Txlrate 5.0

London (UK) and Harrisburg (PA, USA) |

TestingXperts (Tx), a next-gen QA and specialist testing services company, today announced the successful conclusion of its fifth global annual strategic leadership team meet, ‘Txlrate 5.0’.

Tx’s Leadership team from across the globe met for a week on to discuss and agree on the strategy for 2020-21 and decided AI, Automation and DevOps as the way forward for the company.

It was decided to move up the value chain and transform the way its clients do business. Many strategic decisions were evolved and formulated during the meet up for the year 2020-21. The path and ideas were well formulated to ensure and uphold the company’s vision “To become World’s Most Trusted & Largest QA and Software Testing Company.”

The highlights of the direction which the company wants to take are to help companies to move from Quality assurance towards Quality Engineering using next-gen technologies like AI, Automation, and DevOps.

A unified concept of customer delight has been placed at the forefront with respect to project deliveries and an effective employee engagement has also been placed on a high priority.

Speaking about the leadership meet, Manish Gupta, CEO, TestingXperts said, “We continue to grow at an aggressive pace of 64% CAGR with new offices being launched globally.” He also expressed that “With a passionate team, collaborative culture and environment, innovative technology IP’s, accelerators and solutions, our primary focus will be on AI-based DevOps and Automation solutions to cater to our global clients.”

About TestingXperts:

TestingXperts ( is a Next-Gen QA & Software Testing Services provider, co-headquartered in London, UK and Harrisburg, PA in USA, with offices in the Netherlands, USA, Australia and offshore test labs in India. TestingXperts’ comprehensive suite of testing services covers Test Advisory, Functional and Non-Functional testing, specializing in Automation, Digital, DevOps, Agile, Web, Mobility, IoT, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to name a few.

TestingXperts help clients globally transform their QA function to achieve zero production defects, reduce QA cycle times up to 80% and lower the overall QA costs up to 60% with its Next-Gen Testing Solutions, Modern Testing Approach, Skilled Teams, and a Global Delivery Model.

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