Apr 2012

Damco achieves 35 percent growth in UK and Europe

Despite the current economic climate, Damco has achieved 35 percent growth in its revenues and 38 percent in EBIDTA in the financial year ending 31st March 2012.

16 new customers have been added in the last 12 months and existing customers have continued their faith in Damco. 5 major contracts have been won in the Microsoft Dynamics practice and 4 in the Independent Software practice apart from other technologies and service lines. Manish Gupta, managing director attributes the increase to focus, flexibility, and agility: ” Even in good times clients want value for money so you can expect it is truer in challenging times. Nevertheless, the rate of change of technology means you have to be ready to embrace this change quickly, and you need a partner who can lead you, advise you, and react with you. Our clients tell us Damco combines the maturity of a larger organisation with the agility and attentiveness of a smaller organisation – what we call the BIG-SMALL ADVANTAGE.”

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