Dec 2016

A leading provider of medical Insurance for pets selects TestingXperts for their testing needs

TestingXperts has been selected as the testing partner for a leading provider of medical insurance for pets. The client has introduced its cloud-based shelter management application and online adoptable pet search tool, exclusively including a live feed of adoptable shelter pets. The client also responded to the opportunity represented by its vast and growing database of comprehensive information on the animal health community and launched another application, the first and only national report using cumulative data on pet adoptions and abandonment affecting animal welfare As part of the deal, TestingXperts (Tx) conducted functional testing on UI interfaces that helped in finding bugs in the application. Tx ensured validating mapping of data, ensuring the accuracy of implemented business rules, verifying the outgoing data from query functions, and ensuring accuracy of implemented business rules with the help of its best-in-class database testing. Tx used TFS for build version control and bug tracking and SQL Server Management Studio for database testing. TestingXperts looks forward to adding test automation services to the portfolio of services provided to the client.

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