May 2017

TestingXperts partners with one of the largest European banks for testing tools assessment and consulting

TestingXperts (Tx) partners with one of the largest banks in Europe to provide testing tools assessment and consulting services. The client operates across private, retail, and corporate banking services. As part of their endeavor to move to a DevOps methodology, the client is looking to perform an assessment of their testing tools and determine their suitability for the DevOps environment. The cost for the current tools inventory is another challenge and the client is looking for RoI evaluation for testing tools. Client was looking for a partner who can evaluate if there are more comprehensive tools that can meet their QA testing goals for better efficiency, better speed and reduced cost. Tx will be conducting a tools assessment exercise with a team of DevOps test consultants working closely with various stakeholders at onsite. The engagement will include assessment of client’s current applications landscape, technology stack, development and test methodologies, testing needs and tools ecosystem.  Tx will follow its proven Test Assessment approach along with its in-house Tools Evaluation Frameworks across various areas, i.e. test management, defect management, test automation, performance testing, security testing, process automation etc., to carry out this engagement. Tx will also deliver a detailed tools assessment report containing As-is observations, key findings, improvement suggestions and a comprehensive implementation roadmap and plan for adopting the right testing tools. Tx looks forward to adding remarkable value to the client by its thought leadership in DevOps testing and QA space. This partnership will further strengthen Tx’s presence in the banking industry as Tx continues to invest in building more out-of-the-box QA solutions for the banking industry.

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