Feb 2017

TestingXperts partners with a leading eCTD submission provider

TestingXperts partners with a leading eCTD (Electronic Common Technical Document) submission provider to provide functional testing on their application. The client is dedicated to facilitate regulatory submissions between regulatory agencies and life science organizations. Their submission management suite consists solutions for validating, publishing and reviewing eCTD submissions. Their application also helps in tracking and monitoring the regular activity status. As part of the engagement, TestingXperts will be delivering test services for various products of the client, such as validate, review/publish, RIMS and collaborate for regulatory services to complete all aspects of an eCTD submission. The main objective of TestingXperts is to help the client reduce time to market and improve product quality. TestingXperts will also be helping the client in analyzing the regulatory services from others eCTD submission providers to improve the quality of their eCTD submissions and to help them to be market leaders.

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