Nov 2017

TestingXperts Partners with a Leading U.K. Government Agency to provide Security Testing Services

TestingXperts (Tx) partners with a UK Govt. agency for providing penetration testing and security analysis services for their business-critical applications. The client uses a set of in-house software application to cater to multiple services to the general public as well as internal process management. The client needed a strategic partner who could provide technical skills to perform security analysis and penetration testing of the hosted applications, and to identify security threats from any internal or external sources. This engagement will serve as a checkpoint for client’s periodic compliance checks.

As part of this engagement, Tx will analyze all the applications in scope and devise an appropriate security testing strategy. Tx will leverage its framework ‘Tx-Secure’, which is built using various commercial and open source tools, for testing across various applications. The applications will be validated as per OWASP10 standards. The engagement will be carried out by a team of Security Specialists in the UK. TestingXperts is excited to take this big opportunity and looks forward to securing client’s systems from any threats.

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