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Published: 05 Dec 2019

What are the benefits of Test Automation in Salesforce?

Last Updated: 03 Aug 2022


Benefits of Test Automation in Salesforce?

Many enterprises continue to use Salesforce as it is a cloud-based application that is highly extensible, configurable and integrated with many enterprise applications.  Salesforce is an effective application that supports a wide range of CRM activities and is integrated with applications in many ways, such as a web portal, web services, security, service cloud, outbound messaging, Apex programming, social media, data loader, and more. Evidently, it is crucial for enterprises to ensure seamless implementation and integration of Salesforce into the dynamics of their enterprise ecosystem.

But, in many of these integrations, testing is often not given preference due to either budget or time constraints or both factors in some situations. Evidently, in the absence of effective testing, it results in a poor quality product with sub-optimal performance and majorly leads to end-user or customer dissatisfaction and ends up with an overall increase in quality control costs. Hence, Salesforce integration testing should be taken up to achieve quality software.

salesforce automation testing

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