FinTech – Overcome the challenges of testing a FinTech application with TestingXperts

Published: 05 Mar 2019

FinTech – Overcome the challenges of testing a FinTech application with TestingXperts

Last Updated: 04 Oct 2019

We have discussed FinTech challenges and the growing need for QA in the industry in our first post in this series.

In this post, let’s look at ways to overcome the challenges of testing a FinTech application, with TestingXperts’ specialized next-gen FinTech testing solutions.

As per some researches done to identify key causes of FinTech software application failures, one of the main reasons turned out to be poor software quality. Therefore, it is critical to carry out stringent QA on FinTech applications to avoid poor quality launch to end users.

Placing special attention on testing your Fintech app results in an application that works reliably across various channels. This gives company a good reputation in the market while enabling it to deliver excellent customer experience. Below mentioned are TestingXperts’ (Tx) accelerators and test automation solutions, which can be leveraged to overcome many potential FinTech application testing challenges.

Tx’s Banking Financial Services and Insurance Center of Excellence (Tx BFSI CoE)

TestingXperts’ dedicated BFSI CoE focuses on offering comprehensive range of solutions for testing FinTech applications, which includes tests across key segments in the industry. The CoE is built across the key pillars of People, Processes and Technology to ensure right skills, competencies, tools, frameworks, re-usable business scenarios/ test cases, methodologies and infrastructure are in place.

Tx Enablers to Accelerate Quality Engineering for the FinTech Enterprises

TestingXperts has a wide range of next-gen proprietary testing frameworks, such as Tx-Automate, Tx-IaCT, Tx-Insights Dashboard, Tx-Reusekit, Tx-Insure, and more which effectively align with the needs of the FinTech market and help in improving quality and reducing the time to market of a FinTech application.

FinTech challenges & QA testing services

Tx’s Portfolio of End-to-End Managed Testing Services

To ensure a seamless FinTech application experience, it is imperative to evaluate performance, security, and business functions of the application. TestingXperts provides comprehensive testing approaches and strategies through its portfolio of end-to-end managed testing services, including Functional testing (Manual and Test Automation), Non-Functional Testing (Performance Testing, Security Testing and Usability Testing), Test Advisory services and specialized next-gen solutions.


If you want your financial firm to be competitive and achieve a winning position in the BFSI space, you must develop and launch high-quality FinTech applications in the market. Enhancing the quality of your FinTech application (software/product/service) will have the highest overall impact on your business and financial performance. Therefore, make sure your FinTech application testing strategy is comprehensive and covers all aspects of testing.

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