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How Crucial is DevOps for Digital Assurance and Testing

Importance of DevOps for Digital Assurance and Testing Services
DevOps QA|Digital Testing|QA Outsourcing

Posted on : 3:42 pm on 30/04/2018

In this digital age, enterprises are automating IT infrastructure and introducing DevOps methodologies to fast-track the pace of innovation. DevOps has become synonymous with release acceleration in the software development process. As a result, it is being embraced to accomplish the continuous demand from the businesses to deliver innovative and enhanced IT solutions to end-users at an ever-increasing speed. DevOps is not only eliminating the limitations between the traditional silos of Business, IT Development, QA and Operations but is also outspreading the agile and lean-principles from software development to the software deployment phase. As organizations adapt digital in full force,

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Is Limited Agile Maturity Hurting your Development and Testing Process?

Role of agile coaching in software testing
Agile Testing|DevOps QA

Posted on : 8:11 pm on 09/04/2018

Is your organization on the road to “going Agile”, but is confused with the level of changes involved? Have you already “gone Agile” but are not witnessing the anticipated results? The transition to agile impacts an entire organization and comes with its own set of challenges. When an organization or just a team transform from their existing way of working to Agile practices, the complexity of the transformation can be overwhelming at times. If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you would identify the importance of having a professional Agile coach to improve collaboration and increase efficiency, empowering

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Infrastructure as Code: Accelerating Software Deployment

Accelerate Software Delivery through Infrastructure as code testing
Automation Testing|Cloud Testing|DevOps QA

Posted on : 5:32 pm on 02/04/2018

Introduction The next-generation infrastructure management technologies are transforming the way we manage IT infrastructure. The extensive implementation of virtualization and cloud infrastructure has shifted the bottleneck from allocating servers to configuring them. The arduous process where it used to take a couple weeks or months to assign a server, has been transformed into a process of a minute or two. However, Infrastructure managers are often performing this provisioning of the infrastructure manually. The manual processes have certain disadvantages, such as: • Higher cost • Lack of agility • Inconsistency due to human error • Difficulty in attaining and maintaining compliance

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4 Trends Driving an Effective Test Data Management Strategy

Test Data Management Best Practices in software testing lifecycle
Automation Testing|DevOps QA|Test Data Management

Posted on : 1:32 pm on 05/02/2018

Test data management (TDM) is a critical activity in the testing lifecycle. And this is undergoing continuous refinement with constant changes in technology landscape and application development process. TDM is highly critical in the testing lifecycle, as the quantum of data generated while testing is massive. Automating the test data helps in minimizing the time spent on processing the data, generating reports faster. However, some key trends have been empowering the TDM strategy. These key trends must be considered while creating an effective test data strategy to reduce time-to-market and improve efficiency. Let’s discuss these trends. Big Data Big data

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How DevOps and Continuous Testing will Impact 2018

Impact of DevOps and Continuous Testing in 2018
Continuous Testing|DevOps QA|Digital Testing

Posted on : 1:59 pm on 15/01/2018

Businesses nowadays have not just exposed most of their internal applications to the customer, but have also developed additional software that outspreads and complements those applications. Software failures have severe business consequences, which is why application-related risks have become evident constituents of a business’ public financial filing. As a result, enterprises are embracing comprehensive software testing techniques for their applications. How Did 2017 Embrace Change? In 2017, we saw remarkable growth in adoption of agile methodologies such as ATDD and BDD. Besides this, organizations have left legacy tools behind, supporting faster and agile-ready testing. This move emulates the need to

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Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on the Software Testing Industry

Artificial Intelligence & future of Software Testing Industry
Agile Testing|Artificial Intelligence|DevOps QA|Software Testing

Posted on : 7:55 pm on 08/01/2018

Software testing industry is becoming extensive with each passing day. Applications these days have started interacting seamlessly with other applications through APIs. With the sudden increase in the technology challenges, applications are growing in complexity which creates an incessant need for effective software testing. Software testing is the only planned way where an application can be observed under certain conditions and testers can recognize the risks involved in software implementation. Testing, on the contrary, is gradually transitioning to automation to ensure maximum accuracy in the journey towards digital transformation. In an attempt to make the application foolproof, the world is turning towards

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6 Emerging Software Testing Trends that will Rule 2018- Infographic

Infographic - Software Testing Trends 2018
DevOps QA|Software Testing

Posted on : 6:33 pm on 02/01/2018

Software testing industry has witnessed a tremendous evolution in the last few years. The methodologies and practices of software testing are on a continuous transformation. With the incessant need for QA, software testing industry is coming up with more intellectual trends in the coming year. In this infographic, we will discuss the emerging software testing trends that will rule 2018.

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Accelerate Software Delivery with DevOps Best Practices

DevOps QA & Software Testing Best Practices
Agile Testing|DevOps QA

Posted on : 3:41 pm on 26/12/2017

The advent of Agile and DevOps as a practice over the few years has helped enhance the quality of software immensely. The highly collaborative nature of both the methodologies has led to rapid deployment cycles, and in some cases, it has also helped in achieving the speed of Continuous Integration. The best way to ensure the quality of the software is by implementing the right amount of QA. In fact, implementing an integrated DevOps quality approach has become relevant for all the organizations now. A highly iterative DevOps process lays more pressure on the QA role to properly evaluate software

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Agile Methodology- An Effective Transformation in the Testing Domain

Get Effective Transformation in the Software Testing Domain with Agile Methodology
Agile Testing|DevOps QA

Posted on : 8:41 pm on 13/12/2017

Agile methodology has transformed the software industry completely. Every organization is adopting agile in various forms and shapes to align with their business needs and to achieve their ultimate goal of being accessible to the market needs and end users. Therefore, agile methodologies are being executed in several ways. These days, agile methodology is perceived as a quick, responsive, and a flexible software development method. As a result, many companies have customized Agile Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to suit their needs. However, with the passage of time, and the changing user requirements, testing became an important and the most

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4 Fundamentals for a Successful DevOps Implementation – Infographic

Fundamentals for a Successful DevOps Implementation [infographic]
DevOps QA|Uncategorized

Posted on : 7:09 pm on 29/11/2017

The world is becoming more interconnected and intelligent with each passing day. CIOs are motivated by moving from waterfall projects to continuous delivery of working software. To facilitate continuous delivery, DevOps has become a priority. DevOps is a methodology and a culture shift that emphasizes collaboration across the entire lifecycle of a product. In this infographic, we will discuss the four fundamentals that are important for a successful DevOps implementation.

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