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The QA Testing Checklists for Successful Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration Testing Companies (TestingXperts)
Cloud Testing

Posted on : 8:20 pm on 24/09/2018

The key business drivers behind moving workloads to cloud vary from one organization to another. It might be an intention to improve scalability and performance, or simply to reduce organization’s upfront investment by assigning their IT infrastructure responsibilities to one of the trusted service providers, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon (AWS), IBM, Google or Oracle. Forbes explains some of the many reasons or business drivers for organizations moving to the cloud in this article Once you have decided to move your products or services to the cloud, testing is a crucial step in the cloud migration journey. It avoids cloud

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Infrastructure as Code: Accelerating Software Deployment

Accelerate Software Delivery through Infrastructure as code testing
Automation Testing|Cloud Testing|DevOps QA

Posted on : 5:32 pm on 02/04/2018

Introduction The next-generation infrastructure management technologies are transforming the way we manage IT infrastructure. The extensive implementation of virtualization and cloud infrastructure has shifted the bottleneck from allocating servers to configuring them. The arduous process where it used to take a couple weeks or months to assign a server, has been transformed into a process of a minute or two. However, Infrastructure managers are often performing this provisioning of the infrastructure manually. The manual processes have certain disadvantages, such as: • Higher cost • Lack of agility • Inconsistency due to human error • Difficulty in attaining and maintaining compliance

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Leveraging Cloud-based Infrastructure for Testing of Mobile Applications

Cloud-Based Infrastructure for Mobile Application Testing,
Cloud Testing

Posted on : 9:00 pm on 26/03/2018

The velocity of mobile applications deployment is increasing each day. Organizations are striving to get those new applications/ features to market ahead of their competition. For this, testing the application quickly is crucial than ever. However, testers face numerous challenges such as unreliable testing infrastructure, distributed testing teams across cities and countries, agile development process necessitating continuous testing, and a plethora of testing devices in the market. Building all the required infrastructure and automated testing requires significant investment and effort. A promising way to address this problem is to leverage cloud-based infrastructure for testing. Cloud-based service providers let you build

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Key Challenges in Testing Financial Applications

Blog: Testing for Financial Applications
Cloud Testing|Digital Testing|Manual Testing|Web applications

Posted on : 7:39 pm on 20/03/2017

Testing of any financial application is crucial to establish its reliability and proficiency. Banking institutions have introduced a wide array of financial services to meet growing customer expectations, and this has increased the need for quick consolidation and continuous availability. The financial services sector has been a front-runner in scaling and adapting to the IT changes as and when they occurred. It is, therefore, no surprise that Digital Transformation has been indicated by the future digital initiatives and trends like P2P transfers, Mobile Wallets, Ping Pay, Omni-Channel Banking, etc. to be the prospect of the BFSI industry. The financial domain

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Need for a Perfect Performance Testing Strategy in the Cloud

Cloud Testing|Performance Testing

Posted on : 6:34 pm on 23/01/2017

Offering virtual pool of resources for storage and computing, cloud services have taken the industrial era to the era of information access. Cloud computing has completely changed the way applications are being developed, deployed, and used by the end users. Applications become highly scalable with the availability of an infinite pool of resources, and the cloud-based environment has apparently made our lives very easy. Given below are some simple yet necessary changes observed with the cloud-based environment. • Access to emails outside of office premises • Updating mobile applications without any particular requirement • Updating social statuses while traveling •

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