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Published: 03 Aug 2021

How to Leverage Bot-Led Testing to Accelerate Digital Transformation?

Last Updated: 28 Jun 2024

What is Robot-led Test Automation?

Robot-let test automation is a software testing process in which the software is tested with the help of robots or machines. These machines are programmed to perform test cases without manual intervention. Robot-led test automation has various benefits such as faster test execution, higher testing accuracy, accurate reporting, lesser maintenance, etc. By leveraging bot-led test automation businesses can ensure faster time-to-market, higher operational efficiency and a significant reduction in costs.

Today most enterprises are moving towards digital transformation to beat the competition. Businesses should leverage the latest technologies to make their enterprise digitally transformed. This digital transformation revolves around their technology & IT landscape, new process adoptions, and also needs application modernization. Enterprises to achieve effective digital transformation should inevitably leverage the latest RPA technology-based bot-led testing to validate fully functional software bots. These bots ensure enterprise-wide digitalization at a faster and quicker pace when compared to other methods.

Keeping these above facts in mind, let us have a sneak peek into this recently concluded webinar

It has been an exciting and captivating webinar on Bot-led testing jointly hosted by TestingXperts and UiPath Test Suite. The session started off with Niranjan Kumar (Regional Head APMEA at TestingXperts), hosting the webinar. He introduced the panellists, Amar Jamdhiar (AVP Delivery & innovation, TestingXperts), Thomasz Garczynski (Presales Manager, UiPath) and Ajay Bezawada, Test Architect, TestingXperts, to the webinar participants.

Overview of session by Amar Jamdhiar

1. Discussed at a first level some facts and figures about Digital by leading analysts

2. Highlighted the key components of Digital and the need for bot-led testing

3. Explained major factors involved for a successful enterprise Digital Transformation

4. Outlined major CIOs and Digital leaders testing challenges and also software testers challenges

5. Emphasized how important it is to address these challenges with an RPA/Bot-led test automation

6. Discussed facts about disruption with AI and ML towards defect traceability, decision analysis, self-healing, etc.

7. Explained in detail the need for an integrated continuous testing platform with Bot-led automation to be in place leveraging UiPath Test Suite

Further, the session was continued by the other panellist Thomasz

Overview of session by Thomasz

1. Explained what is RPA and what is a robot with definitions

2. Explained about application issues, automation issues, and environmental issues faced by businesses and introduced the need for UiPath Test Suite

3. Explained in detail the UiPath Test Suite three main components viz. UiPath TestManager,  Studio Pro, UiPath Orchestrator & Robots and showcased the benefits of its use

4. Detailed the production-grade automation, AI orchestration, and seamless automation of any UI or API technology possible with UiPath Test Suite

5. Discussed UiPath’s seamless integrations with mobile automation, mainframe automation, SAP automation, and many more

Finally, a demo on Bot-led testing was given by TestingXperts’ Test Architect Ajay Bezawada, which showcased the Bot-led Testing framework developed by TestingXperts by leveraging UiPath Test Suite.

Towards the end of the webinar, a Q&A session was conducted, and the panellists answered questions raised by the participants.

Watch full recording here:

Key Speaker’s Bio:
Amar Jamadhiar (AVP Delivery and Innovation, TestingXperts) LIN logo
Amar is a passionate business leader with over 25 years of global experience in building and delivering innovative and disruptive next-gen solutions to a global clientele across industries and domains. His earlier experience spans different functions from setting up processes, CoE, service portfolio, developing and managing technology solutions, managing large global accounts, and business development to drive customer success.

Tomasz Gaczynski (Presales Manager, UiPath) LIN logo
Tomasz is a seasoned RPA and Process Automation Presales consultant. He has extensive experience with Robotic Process Automation, SAP AP/P2P process automation and Business Process improvement while working as a Consultant and Presales for companies such as; ReadSoft, Kofax and UiPath. He spent many years automating processes for Shared Service Centers across Asia Pacific and China to understand automation objectives, means and value drivers.

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