RPA with UiPath test suite

Published: 09 Dec 2021

Preparing your IT Organization for Future Automation Platform by combining RPA with UiPath Test Suite

Last Updated: 14 Dec 2023

UiPath’s Robotic Process Automations are integral to enterprises in ensuring better accuracy, improved compliance, significant cost savings, super scalability, together with increased speed and productivity.  Often the push from many COOs is to get RPA robots live as soon as possible, sometimes even before it has been assured that they are ‘doing the right thing and doing the thing right.’ This exposes the business to one level of risk and affects the potential benefits and ROI.

CIOs/CTOs must treat RPAs like any other business application and manage their development and maintenance lifecycle by placing the SDLC governance in place. Automated CI/CD and regression testing of the robots should be central to this governance model. Moreover, this needs expedient diagnosis as to why RPAs will stop/have stopped working correctly.

Future Automation Platform – RPA with UiPath Test Suite

Keeping these above facts in mind, let us have a sneak peek into the recently concluded webinar:

An exciting and captivating webinar on ‘Preparing your IT organization for the future Automation Platform by combining RPA with UiPath Test Suite’ was jointly hosted by TestingXperts and UiPath. The entire webinar was convened and hosted by James Greaves, Director UK & Europe, TestingXperts. He started the webinar with a warm welcome to all the participants and the panelists. He introduced the panelists, Nick Blamey-Sales Specialist EMEA, UiPath Test Suite, Rick Crosby-Pre-Sales Leader UK&I, UiPath Test Suite, Amar Jamdhiar– AVP Delivery & Innovation, TestingXperts, and Ajay Bezawada-Test Architect, TestingXperts, to the webinar participants.

An overview of sessions delivered by each panelist

Nick Blamey’s session overview

Explained in detail about the large customer base of around 8000+ customers of UiPath across the globe and the value it delivers to its customers

Briefed how the leading research analysts like Gartner, Forrester, and IDC have marked UiPath RPA Solution as the leading enterprise Test Automation Platform

Detailed about the incredible enterprise test automation platform (UiPath Test Suite) and how it delivers a unified solution for testing all kinds of applications, and how it eases testers efforts significantly with drag and drop events

Expressed that UiPath is excited to have its partnership with TestingXperts (Tx), a next-gen software testing services provider with a great in-house team of RPA and UiPath Test Suite experts

Rick Crosby’s session overvriew

Explained in detail How UiPath is a unified solution and how it delivers the real RPA value to headstart test automation

Stated that UiPath is the industry leader in the RPA market and talked about fuzzy selectors

Stated that UiPath is constantly innovating for process mining to get better outcomes

Detailed about the features of UiPath Test Suite and its benefits:

— Enterprise automation capabilities

— Open architecture with application lifecycle management

— Integration with Azure DevOps pipelines

— Support across numerous plugins for Jenkins and Azure

— Automations are reusable across the enterprise

— Easy test case building with drag and drop

— Delivers production-grade orchestration

— Easy Locking and management

— Easy test execution with robots

Amar Jamadhiar’s session overview

Explained about the reusability in UiPath Test Suite

Mentioned that UiPath brings in about 25% effort savings if RPA components are built and resued in application test automation.

Also mentioned about the challenges today’s CIOs face towards testing of enterprise-wide processes, which includes RPA processes and applications

Threw light on some of the challenges like huge reliance on manual testing, which tool to choose from among, how to handle various test automation challenges, especially the latest interoperability challenges due to distributed systems, the issues with masking production data, and the need for synthetic data and many more

Discussed at length that all the above challenges of CIO/CTOs and testers can easily be solved by leveraging Tx’s Robot-led Test Automation Framework developed using UiPath Test Suite

Listed many advantages of using this new framework:

— Easy test case building with drag and drop

— The devOps-ready framework can be used to test all apps, mobile apps, Citrix env, SAP apps, EAS, as well as RPA bots and processes

— Used to create synthetic data

— Easy to learn and setup

— Existing assets can be easily integrated into this framework

— Migration of scripts from any open source or commercial automation tools is possible

— Easily integrates with Tx-accelerators

— In the end, Nick Blamey gave some insights into UiPath Use cases, business value it generates, ROI it delivers, and explained with some prominent case studies.

Ajay Bezawadadelivered a real-time demo on the UiPath Test Suite of TestingXperts to all the participants. He listed the numerous benefits of the UiPath Test Suite:

No special coding skills are required

Easy to learn and set up even for Graduate Test Engineers

Used for data-driven and application side testing

UiPath Studio Pro is used to write scripts as libraries are built on it

UiPath Test Manager is used to manage test cases

UiPath Test Suite Orchestrator is used to execute tests

Drag and drop events ease tasks

Validations are seen on BrowserStack

API testing can also be done in the same IDE along with others

Testers can perform executions in any machine such as Safari, iOS, Mac, etc.

Reporting exists in multiple formats

Towards the end of the webinar, a Q&A session was conducted, and the panelists answered questions raised by the participants.

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